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  • It seemed to me starting with BW and onwards how pokemon producers and writers are deliberately distancing away this show from its roots. Leaving history and everything which defined this long journey and Ash gradual development behind, leaving older major characters with their unfinished stories and any importance they played for plot and Ash life abandoned forgetting what pokemon anime used to be about and message about adventure and friendship it was best known for. Since everything established from before is just swept away bringing in question point behind their existence to begin with.

    Ah right, i forgot that your from Finland. I hope your being able to cope with this harsh winter, i heard temperatures are especially low over there, much more than what is normal even for countries on far north of Europe. This harsh conditions, although in much more more mild way can be felt even down here in Croatia. Those are great news, im glad things are working out for you mate still having that passion and determination to achieve your dream, Being priest is very noble and commendable occupation and im sure you'll be great person for this. :)
    As for Greninja, most definitely. That pokemon is disgustingly overrated. Frankly if Ash Charizard ever mastered mega evolution I think it would easily surpass it. Its not like Greninja is weak, far from it. But its really not champion level pokemon material or Ash best and strongest pokemon either.
    Misty is nowadays not even a popular character around here mate. No one ever defends her in any thread, brings her up as one of good things about OS or even have desire to see her return in pokemon despite being dropped so unfairly leaving her story and dreams unresolved. And to add irony current Sun and Moon region is perfect to bring her back and do something prominent of her character and story. Nowadays what are considered to be popular, immensely liked characters are Dawn and Serena. To lesser extent maybe May too.

    Speaking of Ash loss at league(Lumiose conference), im kinda torn. On one hand its pity that Ash lost YET again pokemon league, because if there was ever really good moment to symbolize his 20 years of travelling and hardships with something truly significant, than that would've been this league. After all Ash collected very good, well trained and equipped with creative strategies pokemon team. He had extremely strong ace in form of Greninja who in its transformation could match mega evolution, but Ash actually had for first time two to three aces at once with him. With Goodra and Pikachu by themselves also being powerhouses with not everything having to fall just on Greninja. Ash was portrayed as highly adaptable, more wise and collected individual to go all the way through in this region as well and to see him stopped at literally gates of acclaiming throne was a bit hard to watch. However on other hand writers messed up dearly by Kalos being devoid of any continuity, past regions references. Mentions/let alone returns of older friends like Misty, May, Brock, Tracey etc. For such special occasion like Ash having league victor not bringing any of his reserves paying respect to them was anticlimactic and insulting completely. With victory in end for Ash being very vapid and tasteless given how it would be without any depth and substance if that special moment would pass without his friends and pokemon who stood by his side for all this years.
    Hi there, yea i had nice time with my family for holidays. Merry Christmas man! Hope you had great time as well and will continue to have in this Christmas time.:)

    Oh you don't have to worry about that. It doesn't bother me that you haven't had time to continue on with debate. I mean more or less we came to agreement over quite a few things anyway, and i can understand what its like to have soft spot for certain thing(in this case character or pokemon); feeling need to defend it if its not given deserved credit and recognition. And while i do like Misty being in my opinion a bit too much underrated by fandom community carrying label of unfortunately joke of trainer(many unfairly link her with Psyduck humor/luck based wins thinking she's nothing without that). I can also get your frustration about Ash Kingler because its a lot stronger pokemon than many nowadays are willing to admit. Overlooking fact how this pokemon never received justice, proper focus to gain more credible feats and demonstrate full potential. So all is good.
    Yeah. I love the original anime of it and the movie that just came out is an original story and epilogue of the original series ^^
    Yeah. I find Misty to be the funniest ^^
    Cool. I'm good, impatiently waiting to see Yugioh Dark Side of Dimensions :3
    Yeah, I like the nostalgia of it and it's the 20th anniversary of the franchise ^^
    That sounds cool. So if I understood it correctly your planning to study theology? Right?
    I mean if i recall right you said you would like to become priest or work in something related to that, like teaching cathecism in school?

    Oh definitely. Volkner could very well be among top 3 strongest gym leaders in pokemon world(along with Clair and Juan for example). I just don t think he is match for E4 members. Based on how incredibly and absurdly powerful each of E4 was portrayed to be possessing superior strategies and battle style than most trainers do. Along with their pokemon containing huge stamina and resistance being league on their own.

    Even Frontier Brains are no match for them, and they are considered to be "super gym leaders" in a way being generally stronger than regular gym leaders. Which tells us how massive gap in power and flexibility there lies between gym leaders and E4 members being right below champion. Fact that Ash used equally powerful pokemon vs Volkner who fought at full power to be honest and managed to defeat him. Although with abit of luck. While in comparison he was easily crushed by Flint who didn't even needed more than one pokemon evidently revealed in where exactly in power and strength Flint and Volkner do stand not being equal anymore like they were when being kids.

    Speaking of Ash if he used his most powerful arsenal of pokemon(like Charizard, Infernape, Snorlax, Sceptile, maybe Greninja) I could see him puting up a good fight and maybe even take down weaker members of their team. If anything he would fare beter in that case than he did so far. But with current knowledge, experience and tactics i feel that wouldn't be enough to be able to defeat E4. Needing to reach even higher understanding of his pokemon feelings and strength knowing how far they can go. Develop more sophisticated strategies surpassing his current level and invent new, more creative approach in battling. In order to defeat E4 member.
    Granted we can say how Ash Pikachu power fluctuates, but Pikachu usually gets severely weakened at start of new generation due to intervention of some higher force, making growth and strength accumulated in previous generation become irrelevant. This happened when Ash traveled to Hoenn with Pikachu losing lot of power due to electro magnet messing up massively electricity in its body caused by TR. It happened ar start of DP where Pikachu stamina and energy was drained taking time to restore its strength back to maximum, happening around league. It happened in BW too where Zekrom robbed him of electricity.

    But this interventions don't affect battle Ash had vs Gary,. Because fight between Pikachu and Electivire took place when Pikachu was either at peak of close to power it demonstrated during battle against Brandon. Thus Gary fighting Ash Pikachu before its power was reset and dumbed down in Sinnoh. Yet Electivire defeated Pikachu at such stage which says ALOT.

    About Volkner i could see him at max defeating one of Flint pokemon, but definitely not his Infernape. People should stop comparing E4 and gym leaders because power gap between them is massive. E4 are considered to be 4 strongest pokemon trainers of some region right below champion. And on top of that they carry titled of type masters in games having large credence and lot of fighting prowess behind themselves.

    Volkner didn't went easy on Ash at all, but he still lost sweating during that battle with Ash delivering lot of problems to his pokemon. While in comparison Flint didn't needed anyone but Infernape and it defeated Ash three powerful pokemon very easy.

    Most of all ex poacher Proprietor and friend of Volkner and Flint who defeated him in past specifically said how Volkner grew embittered and frustrated losing passion for battles. Exactly because caliber of trainers he met at gym wasn't good enough to allow him to raise up his knowledge and skills to higher level.
    Hi, im doing good. Thanks for asking, wish same applies for you too. :)

    Thanks, people often do mistake in letting themselves being fooled by what I call optical illusion. Which was case for Paul with fans due to Paul being showed to battle on screen more forming wrong perception of Paul minded in that case being superior trainer to Gary. But that is logical fallacy or "argument from ignorance" when people form conclusion based on lack of facts and sufficient information to truly determine someone strength in this case. Because Gary being seen less on screen battling doesn't tell us anything about his strength. It only shows that he had less chance to showcase his skills and knowledge with writes not giving him as much love and exposition.
    Same logic is used by people for Misty judging her strength unfairly, just because she was showed battling less on screen than May or Dawn, disregarding her of screen training and battles which were told to be reality more than once. But for people unless its shown on screen, they pretend like "it never happened".

    But what we do know is that Gary was always held by other trainers in high regard, we know he battled ALOT of screen which we couldn't saw, Being mentioned by prof. Oak that he frequently rotates all kind of pokemon he caught in his battles to form balanced and powerful pokemon team ready for every task. And his fast learning curve and tactics whenever he was showed revealed massive power lying in his character being talented for training and battling.

    As oppose to Flint who in same interval of time was said to leave Sunnyshore city to go on journey in meeting stronger trainers, developing new more elusive and sophisticated battle techniques you could only encounter through travels becoming eventually E4. Thus improving much more than Volkner did in reality.
    Yup, it'll be a new challenge, but hopefully a fulfilling and exciting one. Also, for the places I'm planning to apply to, I'll 90% chances still have a few friends from my High School who are also interested in going there, so it won't be as much of a shock when I (hopefully) move. Eh enjoying my studying is different than it being worth it xD I do enjoy learning about some parts of Biology and Chemistry and most of (if not all of) Economics though, and Maths is also actually really interesting and fun (yet hard). I hate languages (I take english and spanish) though, most boring thing I've had xD

    Yeah, I agree with you. Unfortunately I have exams in like 3 weeks, so my social life will be much less active in the next few weeks xD

    Ah that's a shame, what did/do you want to study? That sounds interesting though, and it must be quite relaxed not having that much stress (at least for now) as it doesn't seem that serious (though correct me if I'm wrong!).

    I am, I still follow the anime but usually I count on new games to get my excitement back up. Unfortunately, this year that didn't happen as no games came out (games like XY and ORAS, not PMD). I did play pkmn Red on an emulator though, beat the E4 like two days ago (I was super underleveled lol). My team was also really different from usual, I had a Venusaur, Electrode, Hitmonchan, Vaporeon, Rhydon and Snorlax. They are all named after friends of mine xD
    I'm actually doing rather well (have quite good grades), and although it takes a lot of work, it's worth it! :) I'm planning on going to university in either The Netherlands or the UK (I live in Germany) to study Business & Economics. I'm in the process of applying to different places now. Are you in uni/working/school?

    That's amazing!! :eek: Congrats, that's a great accomplishment! That's good, a social life is extremely important haha, although I focus a lot on school, something I've made sure is that my social life has not gone downhill.
    Oh damn, it's been so long! :eek:

    I'm good, not as big of a Pokemon player anymore tbh (last year of high school so don't have as much time). How are you?
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