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  • I have to say i didn't listen to many gospels. But they do have relaxing tone being nice way to raise up someone optimism.
    Hi there man, its been more than year. Too long and even though we haven't talked much. I still have to say i enjoyed in our talks we had about Pokemon, Misty, Charizard etc.

    Your always welcome to come in this place and im sure many of friends you made in here would be happy to hear from you again. :)
    Or to read what you have to say about Pokenon if your still interested.

    Oh i remember from previous conversations about your interest for religion and becoming either priest or something related to church. My advice is follow your dreams and do what makes you happy and fulfilled in life mate.

    Im religious myself being catcholic and its good to have something tiohold on in your life and believe inio. Giving you hope and consolidation both in good, but bad times as well. Providing meaning to our existence on this planet, how everything happens for reason and how death doesn't need to be end. But transition period toward reaching bigger, higher sphere of existence(fathomless for us yet). Chance to evolve further as individual and meet your loved ones who died sadly.

    I guess i never felt calling from God to be involved in working for church, but i have lot of respect for this people. Dedicating their lives to help and serve others.
    Hey. You are still active, after all this time. I remember you commenting on my fic "Max's new adventures". It was almost 2 years ago, wow. I am reading my own fic atm, and it feels so good and refreshing, especially since I forgot most of it. You know, it is good in a sense I don't know what is going to happen next in mu chapter (since I forgot lol)
    Hey there how are you? Do you like how Mega Charizard has been portrayed in the anime specials so far?
    [Hey, how are you? I've been reading your comments about you becoming a priest which I find interesting. It's a good thing that you love God. Does that mean you are a Christian?]
    On other hand though being mad, even furious at someone for a reason, because of doing bad things to good people and being assertive standing for yourself and others can be positive qualities in humans if it drives them forward to protect innocent and selfpreserve themselves gaining needed courage and strength as long it doesnt escalates in something bigger sinking down to level of those who are doing negative things). Not forgetting who you are and balance out your own thoughts, desires and ambitions.
    True, each of us is given choice in what path he will going to follow,. On large part our experiences, both bad and good moments in our life, our own thoughts and societry are forming our individuality influencing in what kind of person we are going to grow in.

    As humans we are not perfect, far from it. We are capable of doing some of most bestial things with no mercy and empathy for anyone, but we are also able to do most noble, positive things someone could think of as well showing lot of support, understanding and help to those who are in need of it. There is saying "each of us carries in himself light and dark side, it only depends on us alone and strength of our character which side is going to prevail and what kind of person we are going to be"(or something similar, sorry English isnt my native language). Sometime unfortunately some people choose wrong path not being strong enough and stable to resist negative temptations or because of having horrid life losing faith in good deeds becoming corrupted or bad, but even for those there exist chance to repent and get back on right track if they truly mean it and reform themselves trying through good things to at least partially fix negative things they done before.

    Speaking of humans as whole we may sometime do wrong thing, act selfish, conceited or hateful, even most mature and wisest people pit there are prone to do mistakes, lash out on others when having bad day or be unreasonable, cynical and mad for no reason but whats truly important is for each individual to be able to recognize flaws and negative impact on his way trying to fix things up and work on himelf that such situations happen less poften.
    In my opinion all this life on earth and possibly in other parts of various galaxies too far for us to reach, whole universe, billion of planets etc. Nothing of that could have been created without intermediation of some higher force(God). Someone/something who has providence, power and wisdom so big and wide that its incomprehensible to us.

    Who spreads love, compassion, unselfishness and care giving to people opportunity to experience such feelings and make their own choices and path they choose to follow. There have been too many things which come of as miracles, something which defies laws of physics or unique phenomenons which couldnt be explained.

    Oh your thinking of becoming priest? Thats very noble and honorable profession allowing to help many of those who are in need of getting advice, someone to hear them out and guide to find their own path and comfort them when feeling bad. It also kinda brings you closer to God and have time to better review yourself as person, your flaws, thoughts and motives.

    If thats what you find would fulfill you as person and make you happy than by all means im wishing you all the best in succeeding in your dream mate.
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