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  • Your idea is very fair and noble one, its something i have been suggesting for years on forums like bulbagarden(though over there they dont care about older characters failing to realize hoiw old can become exciting, new and fresh if you give him sequel going through new directions and exploring on new fun traiots of him as result of growth enriching on likable older ones). Some fans can be incredibly narrow minded, so narrow minded that it hurts to hear such nonsence mate(its losing battle over there).

    It would be excellent idea if pokemon tried out cast rotation like some other anime does(such as Inazuma Eleven go for example).That way we would still get new characters, while at same time people being able to see their favorites from past (like Dawn, Misty, Brock, May etc) again in action and updated. That way we can learn more about them, see them refreshed through new clothes, pokemon, subplots and struggles and developed with continuation of their story being done.
    Which would please older fans ans get new kids interested in Ash ex companions in finding out what they are doing here and who they are.

    Knowing our writers it probably wont happen but it would be nice and unpredictable twist bringing higher popularity and better ratings to this show. All this cast replacing has gone too far, way too far disrespecting past, continuity and anyone which matered to pokemon anime and brought substance and impact to it.
    True, so true. Writers fail to understand benefit behind older character return increasing continuity, strengthening storyline, giving us for change experienced, badass more grown up characters which have history, skill and to extent fleshed out story and personalities going forward(more eventful to follow than rookie girls and boys starting with basics all over again). While attracting more of older fans toward anime. For example iu remember i enjoyed in Misty portrayal in Hoenn cameos being badass, toug and rebellious while having feminine and enthusiastic side to her teasing, being hotheaded and more understanding shocking everyone when kicking Hanson *** and Shedinja with Gyarados. Or in being competent taking care of Max and Pikachu helping him to restore bond with May. It would have been amazing if skilled girl like her with strong, quirky attitude joined Ash pushing her development and dreams to more challenging steps breaking new grounds in aim of mastering water pokemon, learning how to acceot and realize theiur true nature meeting and bonding with legendary one(something she dreamed of) and go through rigorous training, entering tournaments etc to try to become E4 member of water types(believe it or not E4 are marked as type masters in games).
    Still hoping we will see her again, she deserves to return.

    Speaking of Charizard im hoping Ash will use him for Kalos league and against Team Flare stopping their plans in harnessing mega evolution and pokemon for their twisted, generated by greed purposes. It would be amazing having Ash evolve his Charizard in mega form battling alternate mega form of Charizard(battle of century lol).

    p.s. Yeah i used to watch DBZ, even GX. It was amazing series and my favorite characters were Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and Gohan. Rivalry between Goku and Vegeta and peculiar, quite indelicate friendship was one of best things going there.
    Hi, im sorry for not going back to you in months, but i have had pretty rough streak lately. Lot of work, issues in real life which i needed to get fixed, whole job hunting mission and on top of that recently i had death case in family.

    However it seems that bad times are behind me for now with things going back to normal. As normal as they can be that is.
    Im doing fine currently, thank you for this pleasant and nice visit.

    Looking forward to mega evolution special. And being disappointed ti see how many wonderful past characters like Misty(still most enjoyable main girl imo) from looks of it are all but forgotten and abandoned(with unfinished stories like water master dream and become renowned expert like her idol E4 Lorelei, unresolved flaws and potential to grow more). Thats why i stopped caring nearly as much for Ash new friends since i know what faith will expect them.

    Oh well, at least older pokemon still comeback. Im fairly sure Ash Charizard is saved for mega evolution into Y form.
    No problem haha...I understand, man.

    Glad to hear it.

    Yeah, it was nice to see him back: just wish they had let Ash use him instead of just for menial purposes instead-- a shame, but at least we got to see Charizard back for a while.
    I think so, too.

    Yes, I do-- I love the Dragonball Series, actually (well, GT was good at points and crap at others, IMO, but I won't spoil that for you): I agree-- he actually ages, he actually keeps his same friends for life with him, he...I could go on, but you get the point: Goku >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ash.
    Hey man: got your VM a while ago and sorry we haven't talked, but I did not forget. Sorry for the late response!

    I'm doing good, and yourself?

    I think they didn't do a good job with Charizard in BW, IMO: he deserved much more screen time than what he got. Still, was at least nice to see him back at all: DP didn't show him period, and I do miss seeing Ash's old Pokemon quite a lot at times.
    [ Well, with true love and the absolute effort and determination to make the relationship work, it should be possible. It's a good test: a couple that's not meant to be will quickly break up, while couples who truly are made for each other can stay together for a long time, despite not or barely seeing each other in real life for a long time.

    Mostly girls you see as hot? ]
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