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  • [ Indeed. But if the love is true and the two people are truly made for each other, the relationship often survives. But if the two are not meant to be, it'll fail for sure, it takes more work than a regular relationship.

    And if you don't have a crush on a girl but see her as hot, can you like the voice? ]
    [ Okay, that's good. I somewhat understand, not fully, but it's fine.


    Yeah, but I know from experience that it's possible. You know about my relationship with my girlfriend. We didn't meet in real life yet, but talk on a site every day, and sometimes voice chat using the Pokemon games.

    It's good that your actions aren't dirty, despite the dirty mind.

    What girls have a sexy voice, in your opinion? And do you prefer high or low voices?

    My girlfriend's voice isn't super high, but also not low for a girl, it's hard to describe, her voice is perfect and cute, that's all I can say. ]
    [ Well, that's good, but it mostly sounds good for non-social people to me, it forces them to do something they normally wouldn't do.

    Thanks! Both the idea of the endings and Ash making Misty pregnant, or only one of them?

    Indeed. That's why it's important to at least stay in touch more often, like phonecalls.

    That's good. It's better than boring, predictable things like DP Gym battles that all follow the same formula.

    Do you admit it?

    Me too. Do you see any Pokemon voices as sexy? I don't, but I do think Tahlia has a sexy voice. ]
    Merry Christmas to you too. :)]

    I'm fine, since I haven't been here too much my life has gotten better. I will keep it that way :)]
    [Wow Chariz, it's been a long time. I had thought you left the forums, i read your message on your wall and I understand. I'm not really much on here either. I was really fixated on this but it gradually diminished.]
    [ So it's mostly meant for teenagers to socialize in general, and do something together, instead of gaming and internetting?

    Are you happy with all characters's endings? And do you like how the story ends with Misty telling Ash he's gonna be a daddy?

    I guess about a year per region. He'd have to give Misty a phonecall every now and then at Pokemon Centers.

    Yeah, it's nice to surprise readers like that.

    Then you have a dirty mind! x3

    No, just joking. Anyways, it was my intention to make it seem sexual at first, and then fool readers by showing it was just kissing and hugging.

    Do you think voices can be sexy? I think my girlfriend has a sexy voice, I know that thanks to Pokemon XY's voice chat. <3 ]
    [ So it's religious, like a meeting place for religious teenagers?

    Yeah. In my fic, he travelled with Ash and Misty between National Park and Ecruteak City, and visited during the League too, so I thought he deserved some extra focus at the end. And I thought it would be nice to mention all the characters reaching their goals. Not Max, but he can reach it when he's as old as Ash and Misty at the end of the fic.

    A long-distance relationship can work. And Misty can't visit Pallet Town, it's enough for her sisters to give away Badges for free, but Ash promised to visit the Cerulean Gym after each journey at the end of this fic.

    Did you like how it seemed like an underwater AU at first, but then showing it was just a play?

    When Ash laid on top of Misty, and they were shirtless/topless, did you think they were having sex (until Brock said they were just kissing and hugging)? xD ]
    [ That's great! What kind of place is it?

    Indeed... I just thought that after doing a time jump for Ash and Misty and showing they reached their goals, that it's only fair if others also reached their goals. Especially Brock, who had a few moments outside of the Whirl Cup too.


    What did you like most about it? ]
    Sorry for ignoring all the people for a long time, but I've been focusing on my real life. I won't say say much about it, but it has changed considerably during the autumn and it has got a lot better in many ways, though in some ways worse too.

    And from now on I might sometimes be here and chat with people, but I won't make a big "come back" or anything: I'm gonna focus on my real life and to my real friends. No hard feelings, though.
    I agree, and I don't care if they appear every episode, as long as it's like them setting up their plan or soemthing

    Yeah, but at least we know Gliscor is there
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