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  • I hate that episode "Gotta Catch Ya Later", purely because Misty and Brock left. Sure, Brock came back, so it wasn't such a big deal after all. But Misty's replacement was the start of the big downfall of Pokemon...
    Kanto, Orange Islands and Jotho are perfect, except for three things:
    - Traumatizing me by releasing Butterfree, and it was too soon as well.
    - Ash getting some undeserved badges.
    - The episode in which Misty left was a Jotho episode, and the worst episode ever!
    OK, I think Ash being immature is funnier, and Brock received less focus than he deserves... Brock had his glory days in Kanto.

    Dawn got more development, but I still hate her... Misty deserved more focus, screen time and development, but she got replaced purely because Nintendo wanted to advertise Ruby/Sapphire games by putting May in the anime...
    OK, sorry, PokeShipping means Ash x Misty, and PearlShipping is Ash x Dawn. AdvanceShipping is Ash x May and NegaiShipping is Ash x Iris. There are many more shippings, I won't list all of them.

    What's your opinion on Misty?

    I think she's awesome, funny, and she's a great character. And not only that, she also made Ash and Brock more fun, Ash and Brock became boring since Misty's departure.

    I'm not really a fan of Dawn, and that's a very big understatement.
    Well, seeing legendary Pokemon creates similarities, but that has no effect on shipping as all. Ash and Dawn are good friends, but nothing more than that. Ash would never kiss, hump or marry Dawn. He only does that with Misty (but no humping and marriage until they are older)! Sorry, but I just can't support PearlShipping even the slightest bit, that goes against my ideological ideas of being a very fanatic PokeShipper.

    Why did you ask "What Ash shipping do you support?" I already told you I'm a fanatic PokeShipper who makes PokeShipping fan art in my last VM.

    No problem for accepting the friend request.
    I added you to my friend list and accepted your request.

    What Ash shipping do you support? I'm a fanatic PokeShipper who defends PokeShipping in heavy discussions and I've made some PokeShipping fanart: four drawings and a simple AMV.
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