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  • in your RP, is the firth starter Pikachu or dratini, becuase you said dratini in you latest post, but Pikachu is in the OP
    Hey you! Wanted to let you know that me and Niihyl are working on our post... and so are some others! This RP won't die yet!
    Your RPG looks interesting. While I can't try joining (Plus, Squirtle is my favorite out of those, and I don't like small RPs) I wish you the best of luck with it.
    Are you almost done with your joint post? It's been a while and I'm worried because nothing is happening
    I did not notice that before, that is so awesome! You are definitely the best GM I've ever had.
    So sorry, I saw it when you first put the PRP up, but it said not to post so... I didn't, and I've been a tad busy. Sorry for the delay.
    Yeah I know, I've been thinking of what to write and I wasn't sure if you wanted to post first, so that you could show what Professor Cedar's personality is like
    Glad you like my App for your Indigo-Refresh RPG, I can't wait to start playing Zane ^-^

    Also, I thought that you might want to know that in your first post, you said abra instead of pikachu when you were listing what Pokémon come from where in the 'Our Pokémon' section. So you might want to fix that :p
    Sorry, I have no ideas at this stage. FallenSanity and ryodragonite both signed up in the thread, so if you found a way to work out their problems (cause there are a couple, or other ridiculosities) in order to substitute them one for the other. Kind of. Otherwise, you could try to see about CyberBlastoise and/or Silver Seoul, they seemed interested before.

    Also, I reserve Sluglow. :3 kawaii
    About the Pokémon Masteria Region: is that still on? I think Zalck has left for personal reasons, so maybe he could give Leevoat to somebody? Or have you just decided to leave it be?
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