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  • Thanks. The P4G is an invite only league, so applications won't be a thing and won't be doing the next season until next year. The league avoids being around as the same time as the GBA & NPA.
    I won't be home for a bit, nor will I be home for a lot of tomorrow. >.<
    We may be able to have one on Thursday, but im not sure about that schedule either. When are you free?
    hmmm well tbh a war team normally consists the best of the best of the guild so i mean that isn't not normal for someone to choose the person that will get the win and as for people that use stall it is a type of style of battle which that is normal for it to be annoying to beat. I personally don't like stall either but i never get upset i just give a good sportsmanship and say gg and move on but that is me, anyway I am glad your getting better from years ago ^_^ I hope to see you on the war team on VO :) I wish you the best in everything ;)
    well tbh the one thing that holds you back is you getting upset way to easy :/ I notice it off the bat when the first time you were in teg you got upset over usta not picking you for the war team. Most people would shrug it off and try harder to get better to try out for the war team again but you ended up fighting like it was unfair that you didn't get picked over ceil. The biggest was the reaction over the stall team that really hit the spot of losing the spot as a leader with the posts on the thread with naoto we all found that if you like to be a leader we have to be a bit more relaxed on subjects even if we don't like them. I learned this lesson years ago when I was younger when I started the teg in the guild section. I got mad over something extremely stupid as losing a war match which caused a problem for no reason but now the guy and me laugh over it now XD I just think you need to work on controlling your upset reactions and you be fine :) I am not mad at you over the things you do char just i think you need work on relaxing on subjects that might upset you.
    Alright if you feel that way i understand, I don't know why no one answered you tbh which i took you off the cloner ages ago because you said you were leaving the guild at the time which I accidently forgot actually to add you back on because you would stay that last time we talked. I mean i didn't even change noato's war post to wec yet just remembered XD I also have been extremely busy with work and as well as my outside life so the time you message me is the day i went back to work so I must of accidentally missed you by accident because i just now noticed a deleted message from you. I am sorry if you got all the wrong signs like i didn't care to have you around which I apologize for that. I never said you couldn't be a leader ever just there was one factor that sorta bothered me about you becoming a leader as well as all the others so we didn't pick you for that reason. I don't mean at all to hurt you which you have contributed alot through the years which I do appreciate as well as our guild members however I wish you the best of luck in your new guild :) I want you to be happy and have you feel like you are part of the guild.
    hey charizard not sure what happen but i saw you joined vo which didn't even noticed you left didn't see a resignation post so i am a bit confused XD I have been busy with work so not sure what is going on XD
    worked it out with zold so he getting the dive ball for me as well as someone offered me lileep on discord as well...so only thing i need is nest ball kabuto now XD thanks though for all three :D
    I still have a bunch I need, but I'm getting them from another trader so I'm good for now! I'll need some alternate forms but I have to get the other trade done first and then take inventory. I'll definitely let you know tho!
    Thank you too!! Now I'm only one step away from Shiny LivingDex, so you really helped me out! c:
    Sorry, you messaged me around 7:30 AM my time. @@ Are you still around? I just woke up but can boot my game and be ready soon!
    Yeah but that's inconsistent for both of us xD just message me when you're on and hopefully I'm on too xD
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