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  • yeah i am just have to give it to someone else to run it thats in the guild since been busy with things...I getting the rules more indepth just need someone to run it for me...
    I didn't realize that you were the fairy gym leader lol if you need any fairy mons or anything don't hesitate to ask me for help :D I breed mostly every fairy there is lol
    Ah gotcha. Yeah, 6 PM for you is 8 AM for me, and I'm already at work by then. @@
    alrighty thanks I rather just let yachu give it to me do to it be easier that way then going back on the request and trying to figure out something else >.> thanks for response ^_^
    hey char i saw that yachu posted about kabuto so is it okay if i go through with that trade then? i do appreciate the help :D
    Yeahh, I don't think I can do Mon morning my time since I'll already be at work. What was your time zone again? I can check the exact times, maybe if it's early enough for me I could manage it.
    okay i can take the kabuto then but will trade tommorow for it be leaving the forums soon after i update the charts...i will let you know about the other two if drag doesn't want to do the trade thanks :D
    which ones are they because i request siglyph and igglybuff in drags shop >.> plus just edited my charts and took them out just need to upload them to imgur...
    AHA, I knew I missed someone on Wed! I'm sorry about that. @@ You said weekends are busy for you right? In that case next week will have to do. I'll keep you posted on times!
    i see ^_^ thanks again just trying to get all these trades done seems everyone is still offline though need my computer to rest for a bit so i be afk for a awhile i post that in my vms as well ;)
    alrighty getting online now :D you can trade anything since our trade went sour since someone randomly traded me what you offered >.>
    I just put everstone on my 6iv tepig now which I will start breeding it tonight into tommorow after work :3 I caught up on my requests now so i should have no problem getting it done by Wednesday ^_^
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