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  • I do have amaura for sure got it from scizor I got a timid and modest one I think with 5ivs on both :p tyrunt I think I do have that one too but got to double check...
    tbh charizard your still in our guild XD eventhough you may of not posted I still kept alot of people in there your still in tef :3 and thanks charizard ;)
    thanks and yay shiny mareep is the most cutie shiny I ever seen in awhile ^_^ I always wanted one but never had a chance to mm for one ;) I may at some point! anyway doesn't really matter I can deal with both tbh because I don't need the specific hp just need it for my sun team :p
    ahhh I see I understand I still play pretty much here and there as well as I still shiny hunt alot which I did hatch a 5 iv adamant shiny swablu like a week a two ago :3 wrong iv spread because its sp. def is 23 but hey that isn't that horrible tbh it could be worse my accidental hatch shiny shuckle with 5iv bold but its defense is like under 10 ._. my best spread is my shiny blue flower florges though which I am currently hunting for a second shiny klefki since bold isn't gunna cut it out anymore since swag keys is illegal now since swagger is banned plus my shiny klefki is 3 ivs anyway so yeah.
    dang so it not transferred yet :/ dat sucks I need it in my oras game sadly well seems I may have to just either figure out how to rng again with the bw2 timer0 or just sr for that guy and hope for the best. thanks for trying though and that sucks why no bank?
    alright charizard thanks I will be waiting for the answer :3 that will save me time and I don't have to sr for a shiny on my oras then which the ivs may turn out strange plus there is a 50% chance it may be another nature and not modest with synchronize ._.
    its fine no worries and nope I got one from someone so don't need it anymore but I am looking for a shiny heatran atm to lazy to fight with the timer0 in my white 2 version for one I need modest nature if you do have one of course ;)
    I understand it has died alot with pokemon as well as I noticed you sorta gave up on the shop as well?
    I see that must be on haitas I see with pokemon :/ I know the feeling sometimes which btw quote I haven't talked her in awhile she hasn't been on since two months ago :c
    thats good ^_^ not to much for me though working alot of hours and stuff :/ charizard someone was asking a clone of my thundy is that possible you could clone it?
    Went to comic book day yesterday and got an unopened johto league champions sudowoodo and Tyranitar figure set, only $4 and wish I found more, love those figures
    Not much, been focused on destiny a lot lately, haven't had much interest in playing pokemon, I will return to it but I don't have as much time to play it anymore
    hey charizard gunna finally add you to the rooster now of dragon gym been busy also forgot you were the leader for a second LOL were is my head now these days.
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