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  • Sorry I haven't been on in a while, my computer's being an idiot and deleted all of the Alpha Dex stories I've written, so I'll have to temporarily put it on hiatus >.<

    Oh, and i saw the thing about the starter types. If that's true... I'm still picking Chespin, because he's my favourite and I haven't yet played a game in which my starter was not Grass for my first run-through.
    will ash elove snivy or scarggy and pignite or evenn plaptioad and will he cathc mellttteta in his team
    Yes, you ranked up! Now, uh... I dunno. Make me a sandwich!

    Also, hope you like quad entries. That's what the next two will be, hint hint.
    Hey I see that Z-nogyroP is writing Fan Fics and I wanted to tell you that I'm writing 9 Pokemon Stories.

    Would you like to see the story descriptions in a PM? :)
    Dude, come on! One more post, and you'll rank up! Come on! Do it! DO IT NOW! In The Alpha Dex preferably, but you can do it wherever you want! But you're one post away from a rank up, so come on!

    Oh, and a more important thing: I restarted my Black, so I think I have a new Friend code. I'll check, and if I do, I'll send it to you.
    Hello again, charizarddude. I had two things to mention. First is, I think your request for Reshiram/Zekrom will be put on reserve for a LONG time, because I added Alomomola and Celebi and Zorua AND Zoroark to it, and it feels more appropriate to save it for Serebii's 11th anniversary.

    Second, if you are going to get your name changed, perhaps it could be something like "Snivy Master" or something like that, idk. Have a nice day!
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