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Firstly , yours truly is a event collector . How it started ?

Pretty simple actually , everything started when a guy that is fairly famous traded to me free event pokemons . At that time , I was a newbie , an idiot in pokemon , naturally I was very happy and treated him like my god . But soon I realised that I was getting very interested in " Event " pokemons , thus I begin to trade event pokemon and slowly expended my collection . Now I have plenty of events and planning to get a store up and running so that I can further expend my collections :)

Naturally Pokemon , and I enjoy watching naruto and bleach
somewhere fun . Sand . Water .
Favourite Pokémon
- Perhaps its better not to say ......


I am only interested in Events , my event collection is rather large already but I would love have more .

Current want list :
PNCY Wish - Chansey , Khangashan , Likitung or more with different OTs ( Must be checked by a secure member )
PNCY a , b , c , d - Cactune , Staryu or others that I don't have ( Must be checked by a secure member )
Jeremy events
PCJP , GCEA events I don't have .
Italian channel jirachis I don't have .
Non public Wondercards .