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  • Yeah, that does happen... im still in the hype though ... I really didnt wanna rush through the game but I ended up doing it anyway... finished it by the second or third day just been breeding for a perfect team and whatnot
    Been alright :p Just busy studying most of the time. I kept on trading for a while on bw2 then got rather bored and stopped till XY came out. Probably my favorite pokemon came so far, or atleast equally as good as SS/HG for me. But yeah, Ill add you up now. I have Pokemon Y, bet you got insanely excited about the mega charizard news, eh?
    Hey man, long time no talk. Doubt you still remember me but if youre playing X and Y feel free to add me up 3754-7216-3520 :)
    lol alright that's fine with me. I dont know if I'll be around much tomorrow or not tho. Depends if I come back home between class and work or not. If I dont get ahold of you tomorrow would Saturday be ok? Even tho the new games will be out and we'll probably both be wanting to play them haha.
    *spits flames angerly* Hate to say it but we'd probably have better luck connecting tomorrow when I'm not confined to my room...
    So you'll be trading me ten pokemon from your White that I'm going to then turn around and send to your White 2, correct? If so, when I send them to your White 2 would you be able to hook me up with a few more of the pokemon I'm needing? Vespiquen for one. And then how about any of:
    Lotad family
    Whismur family
    or Shieldon?
    Only if you have them handy, I dont wanna make u have to do any breeding for me :) and if you're still needing Huntail I have one for you now.
    I believe I do have a Vespiquen on white 2 but I haven't managed to catch Shuckle yet. And sorry if it takes a while to get connected in wifi. I'm stuck in my bedroom right now and sometimes its hard getting connection here...
    Awesome! Thank you too <3 ...Umm...might you by any chance be willing to help me shift some pokemon from my past games to my white 2 game? I have quite a few shinies on my older games... But don't be afraid to decline, I understand if you're too busy :)
    Thanks for your offer but I have Ramparados. I don't really care which ones you trade me though, I'm just happy to have more trades under my wing :p
    You're in luck, I can breed you all of the pokemon on your list! And I can temp trade you my Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Hitmontop so you don't have to bother evolving Tyrogue~ However, my Qwilfish seems to have disappeared I dunno where he went xD Oh well, I can always capture another one for ya ;)

    Anyhoo goodnight! Talk to ya tomorrow ~
    Sure, I'm down for a temporary trade for that Electivire of yours. Honestly, I don't need many more ^_^ The only non-legendaries I need now are:
    Abra and its family
    Voltorb and Electrode
    Hippopatas and Hippowdon
    Porygon 2 and Z (I have the porygon, just haven't evolved it yet)
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