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Recent content by CharizardKnight1

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    Small Giveaways Thread [OFFERS Only]

    Spare shiny Zamazenta code U116 3CTJ H39S WDSW Merry Christmas!
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    LF: Arceus and Marshadow

    I have a couple spare Arceus, are you able to trade a Glastrier? It’s the only thing I’m missing for my living dex and I don’t feel like replaying the DLC lol.
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    LF: HA Bulbasaur, and Helioptile.(Closed)

    You’re welcome, I appreciate the Rufflet :)
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    LF: HA Bulbasaur, and Helioptile.(Closed)

    Alright I’m getting on now. Switch FC is SW-6553-2480-9034 and IGN is Ryan. I’ll set the code 1403 0314
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    LF: HA Bulbasaur, and Helioptile.(Closed)

    I’m home now. Did you wanna trade in game or in Home?
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    LF: HA Bulbasaur, and Helioptile.(Closed)

    I should be able to right when I get home from work, probably around 6 hours or so from now. I’ll message you then!
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    LF: HA Bulbasaur, and Helioptile.(Closed)

    I can send you a HA Bulbasaur for one of the Rufflets
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    LF: edit: acquired Melmetal so not really looking for anything in particular anymore but could still be interested in shinies or any other cool offers FT: Hoopa Genesect Keldeo Darkrai Victini Kubfu Shiny 6 IV Sawsbuck Donphan Beedril Houndoom Hitmonchan (These were all acquired in trades so...
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    I have a Kubfu I can trade for the shiny Toxel
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    Help With Evolving Kubfu into Urshifu(Rapid Strike Style) (Completed)

    I can happily help if you want to swap Kubfu’s and evolve them for each other. I chose water and have a second Kubfu I need evolved into the dark form. I won’t be home til later this evening so you may end up finding someone to help sooner but if not I’ll be down!
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    LF fossils and Meltan

    I have Sword so I have plenty of the two fossils needed to make Arctozolt but could use a few of the other fossils if anyone would like to trade. I’m also looking for a Meltan if anyone could spare me from having to re download Go lol. Can offer HA Galar starters, 5 IV English Ditto, 4IV...
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    (Closed) LF Zamazenta just to fill dex

    Could some kind soul help me get the one Pokémon I’m missing for a complete pokedex? I have sword and am just missing Zamazenta. I can offer Zacian and we can just do a trade back after. I’d prefer to keep my Zacian so just need to get the dex entry. Edit: done, thank you!
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    Festival Plaza Shop Exchange Thread

    The construction worker inside the castle allows you to rearrange the order of your facilities. Whichever one is listed first is the one that other players get offered to them.
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    Dex Entry Trading Thread

    I'm looking for Celesteela, either to keep or for a trade back. It's all I need to complete the dex. I can give kartana in exchange and/or can help with dex entries for nearly any Pokémon.
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    Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?

    Need help evolving my scyther. Can gladly help with your evolving needs in return. Got it, thanks!