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  • ok as you know it, it is new fc.

    but i don't bother to remember so just see my sig and register lol. see 'About Me' under my profile page.

    ok i will go standard battle.

    see you in the room!
    nice! do you want to battle now since i am online?

    if not i go to bed.

    well i use mix tier (no uber) doubles lv50 or lv100 all. i tried singles many times before and i really just flung it without even defeating the opponent's pokemon. at most i can only defeat 2 in singles...
    lol i been battling some people secretly. well the reason i stated i don't battle anymore is deter trolls.
    unless you are asking me for advices what moves it should have or something.

    ah~ for now i just breed and breed and breed for people.
    haha. ok but you no need to tell me the poke you are using now as i don't battle already.
    i see. well i prefer this so i have to think carefully in a battle. that is more advance form of strategy. to use a team of bad stats against higher stats pokemon.

    believe it or not i was very pro in battling one year ago. but keep winning bores me. so i lower my standard in battling. i still know how to form strong team that doesn't require entirely ou. though i have a team that only have one OU and it is a mean team that no one expects. for that is only rnged/hacked battle only. (my team is not hacked or rnged but they have the potential to bring rnged/hacked pokemon to their knees.)
    you silly.

    because i want to be in a great disadvantage in battle so i can think carefully when using the moves!

    having bad stats is fun.
    oh! that is hmm ok well i guess she doesn't ev trained. a newbie~

    i only knew about ev train 2 years ago.
    Sorry I only had one shiny and it was a Rattata but idk where it is lol either on another game or just gone. I'll look for it but any other pokes you might want?
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