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  • I've been playing Skyrim a whole lot since my summer vacation started. I think the correct name is Argonian. :) My character is a Wood Elf and I've been mainly focusing on bows and arrows, conjurations, and single-handed weapons.
    It's got to be tough moving away from your home... Things should get better, though, as long as you try to be positive.

    Okay! Maybe you could breed some Pokémon. :D I haven't been playing much Pokémon recently, to be honest... I've actually been playing a game called Skyrim.
    I'm doing okay. Life's been a bit slow. I've been working part time a bit and I'm getting closer to completing my pokedex
    Hello! I am doing well, despite the fact that I've been awake since 3 AM. It's 8:30 PM right now.

    How have you been?
    See, if you said something back in French I'd have to translate it.

    Hold on. My school has a private language learning site. All I do is get the details and I'm on the French train!
    Here goes year 4...
    Bonjour, mon amie! Je'mapple Nightmare. E tu?
    C'est la vie.
    Then it just kinda leaked into German from there...

    I just kinda... Collect mega stones.
    Although I know barely any french, I know a sentence or 2... Can I say them?

    Me? I just... Raise pokemon, really. I take all my baby pokemon and evolve them.
    I should learn a language nobody knows... Like Russian. Nobody here talks Russian.

    I need language classes I WANT. Not German and Spanish...
    The controller can only be taken so far from the Wii U before it will lose connection. The main advantage of the Wii U over other home consoles is that you can play it without having the use the TV.
    I find it pretty odd that Nintendo decided to start enforcing region locking on their handhelds with the 3DS. All their previous handheld consoles (except the DSi, but DSi enhanced games could be played on a regular DS) were region free.

    I quite enjoy the Wii U, even though I haven't played many games on it. But I know both SSB4 and Yoshi's Woolly World will both make great additions to my Wii U game collection.
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