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    Because America is pretty much drawn into this. The last time America abandoned foreign policy, we had WWII and then the Cold War. The 20th century was defined by American foreign policy.

    Nazism died because Hitler died and Germany lost the War. You're comparing Germany at the end of WWII with Germany in the late 1920's-41 or so. It's incomparable.
    Fair enough, but why all the anti-Americanism? Pacifism just makes no sense to me anymore. Think of the 20th century. The one time the Americans were truly dormant in foreign politics were the years 19-39. Never joined the League of Nations, were willing to let the Manchurian incident/German re-armament take place. This essentially led to WWII. It's all well and good saying that it shouldn't have happened, but it did, and the only way to sort it was the defeat Germany.

    We'll use your logic.

    1. If Nazism could survive without Hitler, then Germany had to be taken step by step. No chance of winning hearts and minds if the nation was so strongly supportive of Nazism.

    2. Nazism couldn't survive without Hitler. This is more the case. Hitler was Nazism, pure and simple. That said, killing him was never going to be easy. Indeed, it would have been almost impossible.
    But you don't need wi-fi...all that matters is the options in them, and checking the mac address.
    Basically, in Nintendo Wi-fi Connection settings (found on the title screen) go to options > system information > and it should list the mac address in a format of "00-00-00-00".
    Well, all isn't lost. 5th generation is easy enough for absolutely anyone to get into. Especially if you don't care about shininess and just want the IV's/Nature. Ironically enough, I'm horrid at RNG in the 4th generation. I'm only able to hatch shiny eggs and that's about it.
    Meh, the help thread was useful for me. Not to mention bearsfan's guides on Youtube. The rest was mostly due to getting tired of being left behind.
    I'm pretty sure it isn't that hard. And you're active on Smogon enough to get it right/ask people to tutor you, lol.
    FLY AWAY NOW, FLY AWAY NOW, FLY AWAAAAAAAYY! I love that song during the beginning. After awhile, it gets annoying. :p
    Yeah, Mental Misstep is just stupid. An incredibly bad idea. Though I guess it's nice to see sets ATTEMPTING to contribute to Legacy these days.
    INDEED. Man, this whole next set is looking quite awesome. I think (no shock here) that Jin-Gitaxias is my favorite of the praetors and one of my favorite cards from the set overall. Not very useful in Standard, but still quite cool.
    Yeah, it's an anthology of his greatest works. Along with all my other volumes, I have everything he's written. I am so happy.
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