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  • Maybe. :) (To the battle)

    It'll be a while, though. I only have dail up, and I've not tested the free wi-fi at McDonalds, though PM or VM me your Friend Code, and I'll try to find ya. (I'm probably not very good, as I've not battled in ages.)

    Hey, Charmander. Been a while, huh?

    I was wondering, have you read "The Collection" by Bentley Little? He's no Lovecraft, but he's still alright. I mean, he did win the Bram Stoker Award. (For "The Association")

    Also, I've decided to just say 'ta h*ll with it', and replace my beloved Croagunk, Mephitas, with my new Lucario, Rumia. Love ol' Meph to death, but she just fouls everything up. (Plus, with Rumia being added, I can still keep my gender composition 3/3, and no one will have the same first letter in their name...I'm a bit OCD...)
    Hope this wasn't weird, just wanted to say "hey".

    Oh hey, I am back from my week in Holland (omg, orange). Which also means now I am fully available for whatever RNG issues. I'll be also doing some stuff myself, so be sure to not miss the opportunity.

    (And I went to M11 pre-release =O, first tournament of mine and I'm all happy about it^^)
    Haha, everyone always gets caught in the reply-to-spam net. It's a tough urge to resist, to be sure. =P
    Plus, Profesco would castrate me if I did.
    My instrument of choice is a melon-baller, just so you know.
    Yeah, I've noticed that. Ha. Have you noticed that Hitmonlee looks cockeyed in Green? If I had one, I'd have to name it "Looksy" for Reno 911!...

    I've read "The Colour Out of Space", but that was almost a year ago. I read it while I was recovering from my surgery. It was good, but I don't remember too much about it. I'll have to re-read it.
    Hmm, you don't seem to use MSN often or are just away.

    Anyway, what I discovered yesterday, is that once can use Red Gyarados to determine the SID, because it's generated via chaining algorithm. So Saving the records of multiple Gyarados can get you the SID.
    Just mentioning even though you already got a shiny, you lucky ^^;
    BTW, I see that you are a member of the RNG club. Having not (ever) met a shiny myself, I must ask if you can actually use RNG.

    If so, would you be interested in maybe helping a, just a tiny bit?
    Sure I can help you. The thing is, I am currently faster reachable via messengers, because I am also preparing for upcoming exams and don't browse forums and such really often.

    So if you have ICQ or MSN, get it off my profile and add me. I am mainly interested in Emerald RNGing and do that often, but I also checked in DPPt. I am sure I can help you in both ^^;. I heard RNG in HGSS is similar to DPPt, but I've yet to test that^^.
    Yeah, it is. When I'm finished with it, I will have finished every Lovecraft story I have...which means I'll have to get another of his books. Hopefully "Through the Mountians of Madness", since I've been looking for it for a while.

    Have you ever read "The Statement of Randolph Carter"? It's one of my favorites. It, and "The Hound". The Hound actually made me jumpy for a couple hours after reading it, and that's saying a lot, as I've been into horror literally my whole life.

    BTW, I caught me a Heatran the other day. Named her "The Hoorta".
    I actually come across a number of Bronzongs...I have a number of ways of dealing with them. Metellus(hitmontop)'s "Sucker Punch", Effie's "Shadow Ball", Diomedes(hitmonlee)'s "Blaze Kick", Sertorius's "Fire Punch", and Mephitas's "Dark Pulse", since the Croagunk's Sp. Attk is gargantuan.

    By the way, noticed your sig. I've started on Lovecraft's "The Picture in the House" the other day, and would have finished it, were it not for all the distractions. Pretty good so far.

    Nah, I only use fighting types with the occasional ghost thrown in there for sh*ts and giggles. (I'm not as good with ghost types, but I'm learning. Excellent with fighting types. Mostly from Monotype Challenging so much)
    Eh, I've tried using Perditus, and he just doesn't fit. In truth, I've faced a myriad of Skamory, and my Sertorius always OHKOs 'em before they know what's going on. (He's faster than a drop of quicksilver and beastly with his phys attack). Meh. My Team works as is, but thank you for the suggestion. (I didn't mean for it to sound snotty, if it did.)

    I get my nicknames from a big 'ol Latin dictionary published in 1961. It's awesome. It even has historical, mythological, and geographical referances in it. Thank you for telling me that they are great nicknames. I thought I was the only one who thought so.

    Good advice. I was thinking that myself. I'll have him replace Mephitas the Croagunk, since she's not that great. I usually have to send either Sertorius (my uber little hitmonchan) or Effie (medicham) in to pull her a*s out of the fire. It'll throw my gender comp off (I have a touch of the OCD) But Perditus ain't a bad little Lucario. (Though I desperatly need to train him...he's only lv 45, and I'm gonna round off his moveset a little.) Thanks, buddy.
    Well, I sent it because we're both Scandinavian, but if it isn't enough or u like to know your friends here, is it ok
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