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Charming Charmander
Last Activity:
Nov 11, 2017
Sep 10, 2017
Likes Received:

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Charming Charmander


Charming Charmander was last seen:
Nov 11, 2017
    1. LadyTriox
      Its fine. :) Theres an issue with the forum right now...
    2. LadyTriox
      Oh uhh what did you get?

      The forum is acting strange.
    3. LadyTriox
      Nah, it was from a theme deck :P

      I'm getting dizzy and tired
    4. LadyTriox
      I liked my jirachi card :D
    5. LadyTriox
      Yeah, i have a lot of pokemon cards from my early teens XD they're kinda scattered around my room....
    6. LadyTriox
      Thats so cool ^___^ Wait...... even more so than disney?! O_o;;;
    7. LadyTriox
      A few times. I'm not good at it.
    8. LadyTriox
      I like days with sun or clouds i guess :3 snow's nice too. Yourself?
    9. LadyTriox
      Hopefully my own dog will live a long time :) He seems healthy right now ^_^

      I feel this year is one of the most special in my life. I sorta like that i've learned how much i actually like other females this year xD Its interesting. Since i'm so much older now....and suddenly i'm crushing hard core on a female gym leader from pokemon XDDD I still look at her everyday, too. Often constantly cuz she seems to have a good effect on my brain and stuff :)
    10. LadyTriox
      I like Skitty and Mew :) Yourself?

      What was that dog's name? :3
    11. LadyTriox
      I didn't have my own pet as a kid but i was friends with the neighbors' cat :) His name was Cousin Woo ^_^

      You have a lizard pokemon as your avatar too :3
    12. LadyTriox
      Awww geckos are adorable^^ What name would you call it? :3 Maybe Treecko? XD Haha, that'd rule ^_^
    13. LadyTriox

      I hope my dog lives to be at least 15. He's 10 now but he seems healthy :)

      Korrina's bond with lucario reminds me of me and my dog quite a bit. How they're always together and stuff and have been so for a long time :3
    14. LadyTriox
      I'm kind of a lesbian XD My only crush right now is on a female :3 (Korrina)

      I duno what to talk about now XD
    15. LadyTriox
      I don't buy foods unless i know whats in them XD I am a vegetarian, anyways...

      I'm listening to live and learn from sonic adventure 2

      Reminds me of all i went through over the years xD; I'm glad this year i learned IN THE END i can still be girly and like girls, cuz i think i always wanted to like girls more than guys....(korrina is SO adorable <3)
    16. LadyTriox
      :) *hug's you for being so nice^^*

      Those sound like pretty cards :3

      I should listen to happier music. I get scared to be happy cuz i worry it'll hurt people :(

      I wish i could get over my fear that i'm hurting people when obviously its the fear that leads me to hurting others.
    17. LadyTriox
      Thanks.....i'm glad you think they're cool choices :) I'm scared they're bad choices :( Because of all i've been exposed to online over the years....*sigh*

      You like fairies a lot too? :D

      Fire/Ice....hmn, a fire opal pokemon? :3
    18. LadyTriox
      Umn....I l-like fairy types? :[ Fighting is cool too though since korrina uses it :D Grass and normal are nice, too....Uhhhhh yeah i like the girlier types i guess :( I'd like to think thats okay!
    19. LadyTriox
      Awwww Sonic and Amy <3

      Yeah, its happy music :3 I bet korrina has kirby songs on her ipod XD
    20. LadyTriox
      I'm listening to kirby music right now ^_^ Who's your favorite sonic character? I'm not really sure mine xD Though i relate to tails and cream and amy so maybe them? :P

      Soo cute >w< Thanks for sharing this with me a lot :D
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