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  • yeah defiantly I think it would be fun to do it in Tenseness cuz there are some really beautiful mountains there
    that's cool I have been to Ottawa once it was my grade 8 grad trip it was a lot of fun and no I haven't but I really want to though lately I have been thinking about going backpacking in Canada and the US
    right now I am living in Welland Ontario I am going to guess you haven't heard of it because most people haven't lol and it's located 30 mins from Niagara Falls and that's cool 2 of my cousins live out there

    how do you like it out there and have you ever been to Ontario?
    thanks and things are moving faster then I thought they would I am going to Hamilton tomorrow to see a doctor about it
    yeah I have my dad talked me into keep on going and I have a rear disorder called NF1 and it causes non canserous cysts to show up on your body and I have one that's gotten bigger that's on my shoulder/neck and I am in a lot of pain and going though the long possesses of tests and stuff to get a operation set up to have it removed
    hey how have things been with you lately? I have been kind of busy with school and dealing with a health issue but things are starting to look good for me though I have decided I am not going to drop out after all
    yeah exactly man and I know everything will work out in time I just got to keep pushing forward
    well I think I am going to talk to my dad honestly about it and tell him all my reasons why I want to drop out cuz I kind of just want to come home and get a job and try to find myself
    hello! I sent you a private message, and I just hope we could share friend codes because you have very good pokemon in your safari, I am unsure what I have in mine, err, I feel semi stalkerish for asking like this but i'm a little desperate, nobody has added me yet and it's remotely saddening, lol. all of the details are in the message I sent, thank you for reading!
    yeah I know and I almost dropped out last year and my dad was okay with it but kept telling me try and finch the year and he also kept saying I should stick with it and I finally said I would because he and my mom have paid for me to go to school and I feel if I drop out now all there money will have gone to waste
    that's cool I have to take a lot of psychology in my program and tbh I am not really sure if I want to stick with it. I want to have a job where I help others but at the same time I am starting to feel this may not be the right choice for me
    yeah my program is okay I entered it late so I am going to have to go back for an extra year to do my last placement

    how many years is your program?
    that's cool I am studding to become a child and youth worker and yeah back at you I would like a rematch some time
    don't worry I don't really have any items either so it looks like we really will be even want to do a 6 on 6 or 3 on 3 match
    alright that's fine my team is not really made for competitive battling either so we should be even
    well I am always online when I have wifi so I am sure I will run into you at some point ;)
    and thanks that's good to know :)
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