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  • thanks I will let you know when ever I post them and good news I now have wifi working with my 3DS :)
    no problem :) and that's the thing with me I never feel motivated to write more but I always have ideas going through my head with the two I have started like with my first one I have the first chapter done and all the info on my characters and the other one I have half of chapter one done and this one is a Pokémon and Zelda cross over
    yeah hopefully I will let you know once I have it working and also I see your into fanfiction I have looked at yours briefly and it looks really good and I am going to read it once I have the chance I have two on the go right now but I am not that far into writing them though
    its ok and yeah hopefully I am going to ask my dad to fix it cuz for all I know he could have changed the Wi-Fi password since I left for school
    nope I cant get online right now :/ and I really want to get to the bottom of this so I am going to go somewhere tomorrow where they have free wifi and get on there
    do I show up as Kevin?

    once I get on Wi-Fi I am going to re-add you and see if that works
    ok well I just looked and it says you still haven't added me and I double checked to make sure your code was in right and it is
    ok good to know what's your name cuz I am not sure what one you are on mine but my best guess is your the fairy type guy
    I think it might be and I am annoyed cuz I really want to go on friend safari cuz there is a Pokémon I want with it's hidden ability but I guess that will have to wait until sunday
    I have no idea I am not that tech smart and I have done everything I can to try to get it to work
    well it can wait till next week cuz my 3DS wont work on my wifi here for some reason :/
    yeah you should my team they are all almost to level 70 and I don't even have my 8th badge yet and it also helps that I have a lucky egg and that the Exp. Share is now a key item :p
    well that was nice you got to see her again and I was suppose to have a date this weekend but I got stood up so diving in and playing like crazy helped me get over it and amie is awesome you get more ex points the more hearts you have on your Pokémon
    busy thanksgiving? sure I think it would be more fun anyways once we beat the game so our teams will be in tip top shape

    have you been using Pokémon Amie?
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