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  • really good I got 7 badges and right now I am working on maxing the affection for my team in Pokémon Amie

    how far are you and would you want to battle soon?
    yeah I hear you I just spent an hour planning out my first few play throughs and it was hard coming up with a balance team with very few new Pokémon to use I will be using a Pokémon that mega evolves on two of them
    I also want to see what other fairy types we are getting and I am going to use a Pokémon that can mega evolve now cuz I heard that the champion will have a Pokémon that can mega evolve
    the only old Pokémon I really plan on using in one of my first play throughs is Eevee just so I can get a Sylveon cuz I plan on trying different fairy types out as a wild card for the first few times I play

    hbu? do you plan on trying out the fairy type as soon as you get the game?
    I am also taking Charmander and I might use it because the rivals could very well use mage evolution as well but at the same time I want to use all new Pokémon and I really want Pyroar has a fire type on my team as well
    haha and I bet I know who your taking as your Kanto starter as well lol
    this is the first time where I am making my first pic the grass type cuz the first four it was fire then gen 5 it was water
    nice!!! I am planing to get both as well but I am using Y as my main one and will play X over and over again
    we should add each other to our 3DS friend list!!! :)
    I am doing great just getting a bit restless for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

    are you planing on getting them and if so what one?
    man these inbox things fill up fast! and you have a point there. Well then, i gotta sleep soon. i wish you luck in your games and may the force be with you :)
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