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  • Hey Charze. ^__^ It's been a while.

    Yeah, I only just realized how much I've been slacking.................still haven't pre-ordered Omega Ruby; need to get around to doing that.
    Nah, don't need to get me one. xD

    And nope, haven't heard anyone talking about it...honestly recently I haven't really talked with any of the old PRR members - except IB for like, 5 seconds - other than you.
    Well I did sign up...and then realized I wouldn't be able to. xD May try to get a fight in if I can... (and my flight's Thursday so the competition doesn't even start when I leave)

    As for PRR...no idea; it just died.
    WAS, but I'm not going to be around any good wifi at the time cause I'll be with family in another state for a cousin's graduation. >_< I swear I wanted to punch something (Anything) upon seeing the dates. xD
    Well; it's been a while so honestly I forget. ^_^; Just like Burakoru.

    Ouch. o_O Good luck with what's left.
    Good, good. Starting to get out more, while still retaining my overly nerdy qualities that make me Burakoru. xD

    And you?
    Yeah...........I think the only annoying part of the VGC was adjusting to your time zone. -_-;

    It felt like I was getting up at 5 in the morning...............not fun. x_x
    Wow. xD You know, I never did see a single Smeargle at the tournament I went to. O-o

    And ouch on the late-night training. xD For me I was lucky enough to have most of my team already squared away.
    That's what I had - except Hydro Pump, cause it's a Gen 5/Egg Move. -_-; And I didn't realize that until I had Salamence EV trained, IV trained, Leveled up, n' everything..........

    and it was the night before I was supposed to leave for the competition. xD
    I was honestly happy with it; not much I coulda done to make it better ('cept spent more time getting Salamence special attacks... he only had D-Meteor and Flamethrower, and was supposed to be specially based. xD)

    Any mistakes I made, were cause of bad predictions. xD
    Yeah...... Aegislash has the great offense AND defense.....so Doublade does have quite a powerful pokemon to be under the shadow of. xD
    Ooh, very nice team (I remember Meowstic. XD) Doublade seemed like an odd choice though..........eviolite instead of evolving?
    Salamence, Kangaskhan (Mega), Greninja, Talonflame,

    and then a Klefki and Lucario I never used and only had in my party in hopes people would mis-predict what I'd use and pull out specific counters.
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