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  • I know, I know, you're probably sick and tired of all these suggestions...but yes, I do have one.

    You see, I was thinkin' (dangerous I know) about the various farms around here. There were two things that came to mind for me, the first was chicken/Combusken eggs (of course you could figure why not to use this) but the second was sheep/Mareep wool. So I thought perhaps you could make a Mareep addition. I'm not sure the full stats, but I think that a cost of 5 berries, plus the feeding, and they would give off 10 extra berries a year, with their wool. Though again, it is your game and not mine, and I apologize if I bugged you. ;)

    (Note from real life: You never, ever want to put sheep and cows in the same pastures.)
    I have a suggestion for Pokemon Berry Farm.

    In addition to the Groudon and Kyogre statues, you could add a Raquaza statue since Raquaza can prevent bad weather and if you manange to tick off the other gods, if you're on Raquaza's good side it has the ability to soothe the other gods, according to Bulbapedia.
    Shaymin should also be a God. He can randomly visit a farm/ranch and bless the farmer with a brand new plot of land.
    Just letting you know I'll PM the writing challenge to Wormow soon. If you want to edit stuff, just edit it, ignore mine, and PM it to Wormow.
    Also another idea, I was thinking the character could get "married" giving them a second character. S/he would be like the work and help you more than the worker, won't protest as much, and need 5 baskets. Divorce wouldn't be allowed though, and you can only have one spouse.
    So i'm a very big Harvest Moon nerd, main reason why your game interested me. I was thinking maybe making Articuno or Kyurem a god. They could use their powers to help destroy other farms, but if that farm is praised by groudon or kyogre, they could protect that farm and send disaster to the other one. Also, I think you should be able to buy a guard dog like Stoutland or Arcanine to lower the chances of robberies.
    A bunch of us did it to stop another pokemon ffrom being saved, then a bunch of Jellicent lovers suddenly came up near the end and saved it. Along with Samurott.
    I know, Jellicent's my next target, then Thundurus, too many people like the others, or have been targetting Samurott (A.k.a. DJhappy and Paradoxwithinaparadox) all time.
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