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Last Activity:
Feb 29, 2020
Dec 20, 2012
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Chase23 was last seen:
Feb 29, 2020
    1. RogueZero
      Oh, okay. Thanks though :)
    2. RogueZero
      Hello, do you still have the shiny Jirachi from christmas wristband? I don't mind if it's a clone either. I have some events that I got from trades, including a shiny Genesect with 6IV. All the info on them are legit, I check all of them on serebii's database and the dates don't match any powersaves, if you are interested.
    3. Road
      Oh cool! Thank you for the trade, then! Let me know if you'd like anything else, I'm always in the market for more Shinies. ;3
    4. Road
      Okay then we're good! I've got everything cloned so I'll hop on! Did you need yours cloned and sent back?
    5. Road
      Hey there, was just about to come on but forgot to ask if yer using XY or ORAS? Skytree Rayquaza has Dragon Ascent so it can't be received on XY unless I delete the move.
    6. Road
      Hi there Chase, long time no talk!! Ages ago we had a trade set up for several Shiny Rayquaza from me in exchange for some Shiny Kyushu Train events, and after all those ages I've finally managed to SR everything! I'm curious if yer still interested, at least in a few, as I am also still interested. @w@ Let me know, thank ye!
    7. Scherzando
      Yeah, that'll work for me. I assume you'll be wanting a female Gastly or is a male fine? If you want a female I'll have to trade on Y and if you want a male I'll have to trade on AS :P
    8. Scherzando
      Okay, cool! Umm, I was going to ask someone else to clone it but I think since you're the one who traded it to me in the first place, I should get another from you and give you something nice in return. Want a free 5IV moon ball Gastly or Dream Ball HA Gligar? :P I still have a ton left from my MMing and the posts in my giveaway thread have slowed down.
    9. Scherzando
      Hi! I have a question. I traded with you for your Trick Room Ditto a while back, and I'm loving it! I was wondering if I'm allowed to have you or someone else clone it (just once so I can send one to 7th gen) or if you'd prefer it to be under a non-distribution rule.
    10. leondavid101
      Hi I have a unused code for xerneas if your Intrested

      What do you have to trade for it


    11. Azulart
      Do you have an DWF buneary?
    12. clarkey_2000
      ok i gave deleted some messags
    13. Woodsbury
      Yellow and Red. but I will not be back on until later tonight unfortunately.
    14. izzyfresh
      You must give me a second for reshiram I forgot to defuse
    15. izzyfresh
      Ready to trade?
    16. SmeargleRocks
      Okay sorry didn't see the brackets
    17. SmeargleRocks
      Victini can't be shiny
    18. Azulart
      Da best xD, thanks a million, Shiny shiftry rocks.

      Next Aim will be Qwagsire :)
    19. Azulart
      Hey Chase, Remeber I wanted a Seedot for MM breeding?

      Your seedot is a proud father of an Shiny Seedot baby this day :)
      43th egg was a shiny seedot :D
    20. Azulart
      Hey, do you have some random seedots? I really need one, and I can offer alot of excellent poks for you.
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