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  • i got your dialgas ready i thought you wanted one of each so i asked charizard to clone you them...just pick it up from him as well...
    Take it easy on yourself bro.
    Also what pokemon do you want me to clone.
    And most importantly what time?
    Always willing dude. Just let me know and i'll clone for you.
    And of course I remember you :p
    I will surely check out your shop, I was the other day then sorta got lost in cloning and trading >..> Lol.
    Hope your doing well mate :)
    Hey also just to let you know i clone pokemons as well, if incase you ever need help, I'll gladly do it :)
    Hey here is the list of near flawless flawless i have
    -moltres (not sure if it is f/nf)
    i can give you any 6 you want. :)
    also not sure if you got my post XD but do you need those shiny dialgas for your shop i can clone them i have both flawless one timid the other modest....i got one more to do...
    Hey there, I visited your shop.
    Do you take donations of shiny flawless/near flawless pokemons?
    I could donate 6 pokemons to your shop. :)
    hey aranox im gunna rng your heracross now but ill make it normal ability right now since i need a male parent for rnging it since its group is only bug and the only flawless i had was what i rnged for celestial moth...so if you want a dw ability i can always do it later :) since you put any one fine :p
    its glad to have you back and running aranox was looking over your shop for you when you going nuts with out a modem XD
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