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  • i thought you died
    but you came back from the grave, only to be friends with green blockhead

    thank you, mr. "i'm not a racist, i consider myself an equal opportunity hater"
    Awesome dude thanks a lot. I definitely need to get a better protein supplement. My previous one didn't seem to do jack. Wasn't aware of the need to drink before bed too.

    Thanks again.
    Hey dude, any chance I could get some help on some workout info?

    As I said in the weights thread, I'm currently looking to gain some 4/5kg on the chest and arms area (my legs get a natural run around at least twice a week plus i walk a lot so they kind of look after themselves). I do weights and have just started swimming again to try and get this. I'm currently 63 looking to get to about 67/68.

    The main thing I wanted to ask is what to take to try and push myself towards that goal. Is the fish oil (cod liver?) good enough to get me through? How much do you usually have? My diet is pretty good for the most part. I kind of take the approach that I can eat what I want when I want but only because I take care of my diet most days. 4 times out of 5 I'll turn down the snack on offer. I rarely go to bed having pigged out, and if I do, I jsut take a day to be good.
    I think its important to reiterate my feelings toward our chubby friends. If you are fat but don't really care then great! If you're fat and complain about it all the time then freaking do something about it. Being happy with who you are regardless of what other thinks of you is admirable. Hating yourself and doing nothing about it but complain is pathetic.
    Best post ever!
    Hey what I did 2 1/2 decades ago is Experience I give my own kids. Acid was usually fun to do. I have some great memories (well may thats the wrong word!) I still laugh at fondly!
    Yeah, I almost felt like crying watching the Dog on the video having a seizure, so I really can't imagine how hard it must be for an owner. I think people also often get more attached to pets than they would humans, so they are extremely precious to us. A reason why they can't simply be replaced like the breeder was suggesting. I really do hope things can get better for your Dog, even if the chances may seem slim.
    Sorry to hear about your Dog. :< It's basically another example of what they were trying to raise awareness of in the documentary. They even showed scenes of a Dog with epilepsy and I'm really sad for anyone who has to see their Dog in that way. The whole image of Pedigree Dogs being perfect is so ludicrous. :< The way the breeders think they can solve it by giving another puppy is just as ludicrous. To go over the same ordeals again wouldn't be worth it. I've never had a Dog so I've never had that attachment with a pet, but I can definitely sympathize about how horrible it would be to see something you love suffering.
    What they touched on was a way that the human psyche defends itself from that occurrence. It convinces the victim of that so that they feel they have maintained control of what's happening to them.
    Ah, sorry Chedwick, I'm afraid not. I think I've got like a third cousin who moved to London twenty or thirty years ago, but nothing like the coffee stories suggested to you. ^_^;

    It sounds pretty neat to have had an English nanny, though.
    I told myself that in high school as well. I held onto my "alcohol is icky" pledge until 3 months before I turned 21 (Keystone Light, being my first beer, almost soured me out on alcohol). Still haven't even smoked a cig or done any illicit drugs, nothing against em, just have no desire to.
    I'm having fun reading the sex-ed thread. It actually looks like some people think sex ed LITERALLY teaches you how to have sex.
    lol. Just now reading the age of consent thread. For the horrible crime of *gasp*SEX!, Manafi's Dream thinks it's an appropriate punishment for sex by locking them up in jail for a night, driving restrictions, and an academic suspension.


    Also, lol, he's obviously clueless about how lubricant gets created.
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