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  • Doing lots of random reading. But I still have to go to school because there will be graduation practices for the next couple of weeks....*sigh*
    I'll try Azumanga Daioh then. I already read and watched Fruits Basket a long time ago but I guess it doesn't hurt to repeat it again. Thanks!

    So are you watching TV or doing something else?
    I'm doing fine, wasting paper with my doodles. Also looking for mangas to read. Can you give me suggestions on what mangas to read? I'm kinda stumped here.
    Exam's done! But I'm still not relaxing because the results of the exam will be given tomorrow....

    I just took my mom's suggestion since she keeps on insisting I should study medicine. She fails in subtlety. :p
    Well, I don't want to waste my saliva so that's why. :p

    This week's our finals!! I'm doing my best in studying Physics and Math.....Only a few more days...I can already smell freedom....
    Oh, then we're same again! I'm quiet as well. I'll only talk if someone asks me something. And I also don't participate much in classes, leading me to be called by my sadistic teachers by forcing me to answer their questions.
    Not on my part. D: I've to study for our finals this coming Monday. The only reason I'm in the computer today is because I still have a project to cram......Waaaaa!!!!! ><
    My teacher is kinda effeminate and a prick. He's really not boring, just too technical, which is the reason why I make an effort in keeping awake in his class. Other than that, he's great. I mean he's a genius! :D
    Waahhh!!! We're encountering the same thing!!!! DX Physics' too hard for me, too much computations....Besides, my teacher scares me to death. Last time I fell asleep in his class, he gave me the evil eye all throughout the day. ><
    Debate's finally over! :D I can drown in happiness! Although I did stutter a few times....but who cares?! I'm finally done with that! My only problem now is my Physics test....which I hate since it's all about electric circuits and whatnot.
    Oh, I'm sorry!!! Belated happy birthday!!!! What kind of person am I?! It's right there and I didn't even notice it!!! Sorry for the late greeting, forgive me!!
    I'm so not motivated to do any school related stuff but I guess I'll just have to tolerate these remaining days of pure torture.....and then freedom!!!!
    While you're drowning in the goodness of Fruits Basket, I'm currently obsessing myself in Katekyo. Too many bishies XD

    Only a few more days and our finals are up! Can't wait for summer vacation! How about you?
    Hi, I noticed you in the anime section. I too am a huge Shinji fan, in fact I don't know if anyone loves him more than me since my love of him started ever since he first appeared and has just grown deeper.

    Although I don't care for IkariShipping, I ship Shinji and Ash... but mostly because it's hot.
    I'm doing good as well. Just reading some mangas and waiting for my orders to come here. XD You're watching TV again are you? :>
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