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  • Hello, i was wondering if you would trade your Meowth Team Rocket Meowth ♂ OT: Rだん ID: 12072 15 JPN for my Shiny Diancie or Present Samurott?
    Hey I finally got around to updating my events list if you were still interested in anything. Sorry for the delay from our initial negotiations!
    hey there I just got back but I pm'ed you. Yea I can do it now if you are still good to do it now. :)
    hey there let me know if you want to trade tonight! I already got the eppie mew cloned so you won't have to clone it for me :)
    sorry that I changed my mind so fast, I have a lot of pending trades so trying to get some out of the way. If I just missed you we can maybe trade tomorrow around 1pm central time? (gmt - 5)

    or I'll be on a little bit longer in case you log back on soon. :)
    hey there I sent you a PM but I'm not as rushed as before so if you want to trade now that could work :)
    hey there. i think I will be able to trade maybe in the next 40 minutes or so if you are online. Forgot to ask but if you could do a clone and trade it back that would be helpful :)

    If we can't trade today may have to wait a little bit some stuff came up with my fiancee's dog she may not have much longer, so if not today I will let you know when we can trade again.

    Also I will need to look up which pikachu you wanted again. All the messages got scrunched up and i can't read them xD
    hey sorry for all the messages but if you could double check the ID No. on your eppie mew, there seems to be some discrepancies on the ID No compared to what is popping up on other websites.
    okay yea food is almost ready, I will PM you after dinner and if you are online we can trade :) I will be online most of the rest of the night so hopefully we can find a good time :)
    Are you still in contact with the trainer who traded with? Are they in these forums?

    Also, if traded, would you just be trading a clone you had made?
    I mean were they the ones you mentioned were from cheating device (including but not limited to Powersaves)?

    Also, were they cloned?
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