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  • Hello there, how are you?
    (Hope I'm doing this right!)

    Hi! I am OK. I feel I've lost a lot of interest in Pokemon. D: And have been busy IRL so I haven't been here much. How are you? Also, Happy Easter! :)
    Pokegirl Fan~
    Pokegirl Fan~
    I'm a bit sleepy right now and thanks ^^
    Pokegirl Fan~
    Pokegirl Fan~
    Hello there :D
    Yeah especially when looking at all detractors(no shock CC was loudest one) constantly saying "Misty will never return, that's a fact!". "Writers listened to fans knowing she is unpopular character!", "She was deadweight never doing anything, there's no point in bringing such a bad character back!" etc, etc. And now granted while it took forever, Misty is finally back breaking status quo and showing to all haters how just because they don't like her or recognize what was her worth and importance they don't speak in entire fandom name.

    Fact that she now has mega evolves pokemon is just icing on the cake. Of course fans in general degrade that feat thinking she stand no chance(they always unfairly underestimated Misty skills as trainer). But im more than sure that Ash is not going to have easy time at all.:p
    Hi Chelsea.!! No, its ok, i understand that at times any of us can get distracted, caught in whirlpool of all responsibilities, hectic schedule and other things thing called life brings to us. Although i have to admit i started to worry if everything is ok with you? I mean i remember you talked you had some emergency regarding cooking so i hoped nothing bad happened to you or something. Good to know your alright and nah, i don't mind new response.:)

    Haha afterall lot of things have changed since than making some of things well kinda outdated. Especially in pokemon news where OMG i still cannot believe this. Brock and more surprisingly MISTY are COMING BACK!!!:D

    At first i thought it was hoax, it looked way too good to be true, but its not. Its real deal this time my friend, after years of waiting, hoping and all let downs pokemon staff delivered. This day finally came. Although just like you i wish it was longer than two episodes, especially knowing that tomboyish mermaid and Brock obtained mega evolution. There's just so much going on that i fear how two episodes are too little to cover everything and give them required focus. Regardless this are great news.:) Its been too long and they better deliver content of only high class quality.
    Oh its ok, it happens. Haha, im sure your much better than her in preparing dishes. After all its pretty hard to top that poisonous stew she once prepared when Brock was sick.:p Don't worry for reply, take your time and deal with more important stuff. I can wait.:)
    Hi Chelc! So you went to visit your folks? Cool, i bet it was nice family reunion. Don't worry; enjoy in your time there, you will respond later when you find more time.:)

    No, i haven't seen this yet. Thank you for letting me know, because those are really encouraging and good news.:D All hope is not lost yet after all, because if people disappointment and anger about 20th anniversary travesty is this big showing they respect and care about pokemon anime roots and past unlike writers and directors. With their voice being heard out. Than maybe this will let those in charge know how fandom in reality breath making them reconsider some of their decisions for future. Chance is always there.
    I know Chelc, still for 20th anniversary as pretty big deal one would think they would bring back older characters and pay respect that way to pokemon roots. That's what other shows did, but in pokemon they confirmed with this move how they don't have any respect and care for older fans and pokemon history.
    Im still pretty disappointed ,i don't think ill watch this movie at all to be honest.

    Sure, take your time. :)
    No worries, its all good. Ah you moved? You mean away from parents living alone? Nevermind, you'll tell me in message. Take as much time as you need to sort things out, i can wait.:)
    Hey there. I would like to wish you all the best for 2017. Have a prosperous, happy and full of love and good moments New Year!:)
    No worries about it, i understand how busy and even sometime stressful pre holidays time can be. ;) You will talk more detailed when you find time and more relaxing period comes up. In meantime enjoy in this special time of year and thanks a lot for your kind wishes.
    Sadly, without Misty fans it is matter of time. Trust me Chelc, it seems like number of Misty fans around here you can count literally on fingers of one hand. That makes me sad. Misty is not anymore popular character, at least in here. Everyone only praise Dawn and Serena while first pokemon girl is viewed as joke, demeaned and downplayed in her importance, story, pretty much everything.;( Its not any better on Bulbagarden or Pokecommunity either. And lack of any recognition or new info about her has made her fanbase become gone from internet, starting to extinct. How much things changed and i cant say it was for better.
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