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  • Me too. It's a shame they they've never been animated :x
    I actually won't be too fussed if Serena doesn't appear since she at least exists in the anime xD
    I hope they add them soon XD
    That was annoying too. I was thinking about making a thread about that soon to see if opinions have changed within the last decade. At least that'll probably get some focus off of Serena XD
    Hey Chelc, expect my message soon.:) It was accidentally deleted so i had to type it all over again(uf hate when that happens lol).Same here. So far im not impressed in slightest with Sun and moon. Flashy animation and dizzy characters like Mallow so far or Lana are not enough for me to be super excited. I want more. Actual substance, defined story and continuity which is all but dead(roundabout references like implication of Ash owning Tauros doesn't count).

    Sure maybe its too early for me to judge pokemon saga based on first 2 episodes, but with way things have ended with Kalos and how Alola started somehow i doubt my concerns and issues i have with pokemon anime strategy will be dispersed. And of course im still very disappointed that we likely wont be getting anything for 20th anniversary.
    I understand.

    I mean it's a joke that became real.

    I'm worried we're going to have another 911 attack

    yeah, I know what you mean :<
    and yeah I'll be here until I die likely LMAO
    I heard you finally came out to California! Did you like it?
    Its alright. With everything what has been happening to you during this year and past few months i can understand if you wanted to be alone and have time for yourself. To organize your thoughts, what to do with life, career you wanted to pursue and of course health problems which just don't want to go away unfortunately., But if you need comfort, talk, advice or someone to be there with you, you know you can count on me. You don't have to go through all of this all alone. ;) I didn't expected that problems with teeth would escalate that much. :eek:: Honestly im getting impression how that mouth guard may have been cause of this wounds your now having in mouth irritating tissue. I could be wrong, but i do' t know anymore. I hope this will solve out for you soon(i heard that rinsing with chamomile tea can help a lot in calming down inflammation and decreasing pain serving as antiseptic)., Lot of times herbal teas and potions can be much more efficient than artificial chemical substances from ordinary pills. You suffered way too long from this. So from bottom of my heart Chelc i wish that you get well soon.:)

    Yea i know. Animation looks horrendous. Everything looks so childish, off putting, weird and simplified. And in such environment perhaps as much as it pains me to say this: perhaps its for best that Misty or any older character isn't dragged in Sin and Moon. Seriously what has happened? Despite having no continuity and boring character dynamic, at least in animation, details and storyline XYZ saga was of surprisingly good quality.

    It also saddens me in how much pokemon games are paying attention to their 20 years anniversary, but anime does absolutely nothing. Its really sad what destiny older main characters and Misty received. They didn't deserved this being awfully unfair, disheartening and disrespectful to their unresolved stories, themselves, fans and everything they brought to pokemon.
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