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  • Chelsea!!! Hi, OMG im so glad to know your alright. :) *Gives a big warm hug*. Im sorry to hear that teeth are giving you headache and problems again. I thought those difficulties with inflammation, cavity etc were past. But sadly it seems how i hoped prematurely. And hearing how you have other problems makes me worried(you already know you can say to me whats bothering you, ill try to help if I can). Stay strong my friend, youll come around this like you did with those issues before. Just try not to let that pessimism and negative thinking consume your mind, because that will only reflect badly on whole body.

    As for new series I really hoped how Alola starting around time pokemon anime will have 20th anniversary would mean some special, groundbreaking treat for viewers. In sense of lot of revisit of past, older main characters playing major roles again etc. Especially Misty given how Hawaii based region as Sun and Mon is bursting with lot of water and aquatic themes would have been perfect and logical way to have Misty involved. And revive some of that spirit and vividness this series and character interactions were known for with her around. Especially after rather boring group dynamic we had with XYZ cast with everyone being "peace and flowers".

    But I should know better.:( Not to mention Ash looks so silly and off-putting. It gives vibes of new big reset coming on, lot of newly revealed pokemon don't even feel like they come from this anime anymore with whole series based on this little info available now awfully resembling Yokai Watch. Pokémon company isn't even trying to be original anymore.
    Ill give it a try, but if there is no new twists and some really pleasant surprises worth my time and interest i don't know. In considering to take break from Pokemon.
    I don't know if you remember who I am, but sorry for all the past garbage I sent you when I was 11.
    Alright, have a nice day.
    No worries. I'm worse I see messages, but if I got stuff going on take time to reply.

    So how have you been?

    Ouch, I hope your feeling better now. You told me you had problems with sinuses before giving you lot of headache in past. And I imagine it wasn't any better now either. :(
    But I know your strong enough and have enormous fighting spirit allowing you to overcome all obstacles. Your much stronger than you may think; trust me I learned this from awhile ago. With each of us possessing hidden potential and strength allowing us to do things which to us may have seem insurmountable in past.:)
    Never underestimate human willpower.

    Its ok Chelc, im not mad or have impression that you don't care. Why would I be? I know you for a long time(well as possible as that can be online)having understanding for your problems and responsibilities which come with life. Ah sweet carefree childhood when we only had to worry about getting good grade in school, haha.
    Even if we are separated thousands of miles, that doesn't change fact that ill always have special place in my heart for you as friend.:)
    Hi Chelc, so nice to hear from you again. :)
    Oh you had cold and burned finger? Aw, I feel sorry for you, I hope it will heal up soon(although I didn't know you know baking hehe). Man always some problems are sticking on you, hopefully worst is behind you now,.

    Schuks don't worry about delay, you'll talk when you can. I mean it would be hard for anyone to type with injured finger(I use only 2 fingers to type lol, "retreats in corner embarrassed").
    Come over here *hugs*.
    Dude its totes chill haha, sorry for my late response. I literally only come on here every once in a blue moon nowadays, I can't believe it's almost been 10 years since the MSN days x__x. We're both old af now haha
    Hi there.XD
    Ah, that can happen to everyone. It happened to me few times as well in thinking i sent someone message, just to later discover they actually didn't received it(sometimes because of error in transdtion, but sometime because I mixed things up not realizing what was sent and what wasn't). I was so embarrassed, so I know that feeling, haha.
    But it can happen when first writing message in word or somewhere, later sending them to avoid being erased lol. If internet dies or some error in forums occurs.

    So its ok, I understand that.

    p.s. Glad to hear from you again. I missed talking to you. :)
    Happy to hear from you again, because I was worried during last few days. Well I was in uncertainty of how did visit to dentist went and if that nightmare finally came to an end.
    Which judging by your words seem to be behind for now and hopefully it will stay that way forever. :)

    Ah don't mention it. If I was able to brighten your day and not any ordinary day., But your Birthday, im happy for that. Nice to hear that it went well and in positive way.
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