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  • Guess who reached round number in years? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! my dear friend. Try to forget about your teeth problems for this day and enjoy in this day fully. Because it is your day and time to celebrate getting lot of joy, entertainment, yummy food and great presents.

    p.s. Your welcome, and don't you worry. I can be myself too concerned about health sometime too being almost like paranoid. And feeling is mutual Chelc, you already know I really like having conversations with you being among my best friends. :)
    Its ok, dont worry my friend. In fact I think we pretty much exhausted subject regarding Ash Greninja and upcoming anniversary anyway, so if want we can end on that discussion all around.
    Beside ill soon send my answer to your last message having so much to share with you. Expect it this weekend(I would send it sooner, but my PC was corrupted with virus and it wasn't any kind of virus). Its straight from China bombarding me with all kind of advertising garbage. Its not enough that they're dominating with their products globally, but now with computer viruses too lol. So I had to give it to servis to fix this problem running fine now.

    I know I said this before but im really feeling bad and helpless in not being able to help out with something more concrete than just worlds in this anything but pleasant times, but I feel relief after hearing your finally insured. They surely took their time waiting with it, bleh.:(

    Ill pray that you fully recover soon with this tooth nightmare(well it is nightmare given all hassle and problems it caused)will be behind you.
    Your almost there with finish line being in sight. Don't lose hope and don't let this drive away your sanity Chelsea. Just few more days and its all over hopefully.
    I assumed there must be something going wrong with your teeth again, so i didn't wanted to bother knowing how frustrating and irritating such sort of pain can really be not having will and energy for anything else(ill talk to you more lengthy about it when i reply to your first PM). Im sorry to hear all the pain, anxiety and delay with that damn insurance your going through and i can only hope it will be better very soon.

    Until than please don't feel obligated or bad for not giving response right away. There will be plenty of time to do that, but right now most important thing is that you recover putting this horror behind yourself. Entering your life with cleared mind with no stress and fears dragging you down. :)
    Same here tbh; I've gotten out of the habit of taking care of my teeth because I'm too busy and too tired to.
    Yeah :D
    Oh hi, so glad to hear your feeling better know.;) Got me worried for a moment gal, but im happy that most of your worries are behind you right now. With rest hopefully being gone away soon.

    p.s. I like your new avatar. That Wailmer looks like he is ready to pull a prank on someone every second. :p
    Its fine, dont you worry about that.

    Im sorry to hear that you have so many problems with teeth, big ones. Believe me i know how tiring and painful this procedures like root canal can be, though if it can save tooth its worth it imo.
    I feel helpless and bad in not being able to help you out and be there with you, but be brave and optimistic. I have faith and will root that everything wents in best way for you. Well as good as its possible in such situations.

    You will respond when problems ease up on you having more relaxing and less stressful period to organize yourself and decide what to do next. I can wait having understanding and support for your situation.:)

    So take care my friend, try to not let stress and fear overwhelm you wishing you brighter, full of health, productivity and bless this 2016 Year.
    Its ok my friend, i dont mind. Like i said take your time, because such things can wait. Afterall real life responsibilities and obligations takes priority and i fully understand that. :)
    Eevee is so cute xD
    Yeah I loved her performance too. Serena's gonna use Eevee in the next Showcase. I can't wait :D
    Take you time, its all good.:)

    Yea im glad to see Misty funniest and most entertaining pokemon being acknowledged that way(i miss Psyduck). Its also nice chabge if pace in how judging by model she looks more enthusiastic and optimistic for new figure. Nice contrast to her more angry,fiery edition in previous figurine.

    This figure also reference anime Misty instead of one from games, so thats bonus too.
    What new figures? I admit im abit out of loop about this *shrugs*.

    ps: Nevermind i snooped around abit finding news about it. Thank you for pointing that out to me. This gives some hope. Small one, but maybe its hint of Misty stopping to be ignored like garbage in this show.
    Those are good news.:) Well on bright side just abit more and tooth troubles will be behind you joking about your fears and problems in few months.

    I received PM and its fine(no worries). As always your post was insightful and enjoyable read. By end of week i think i should be able to send you replies. ;)
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