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  • Its ok, hopefully visit to dentist went ok.:) Well as ok as it could be.

    Hehe your not the only one, when i talk about pokemon im known for going overboard writing walls of text lol.
    Hi Chelc, im glad i finally got response from you., I missed you and our fun talks.

    Even though not hearing from you for months was abit inconsiderate, im not mad, im really not. I will read your message being curious to find out what has been happening with you in past 2 months.:p

    I was worried for you and just concerned of losing contact. This happened with some of very good friends i met. Never hearing from them again(thats terrible).
    So i hope this wont happen ever between us.

    Because it would be sad and disappointing that all effort, build of our friendship and time go to waste. We both grew alot since first day we met and talked about pokemon(it feels like it was yesterday lol) and im glad we got chance to get know each other better. Share our experiences and likes, dislikes of certain things. Becoming great friends imo(well as great as its possible through internet).

    Im not one of those people who hold grudge not being able to forgive. I actually try to give others second chance and i try to have understanding for others and their problems. So you don't have to worry because im not angry or disappointed in you.
    "Gives big warm hug".

    As long your safe and sound, thats all that matters.
    Everything else like catching up on what has been happening lately and other stuff can happen subsequently.:)
    Apology accepted.
    You know Chelc even if i wanted i couldn't be mad when your so kind and considerate. I was worried that something happened to you. Since it passed 2 months since we spoke not knowing if your ok, with no signs of you coming here existing.
    This feeling of uncertainty and helplessness sucks, having no choice but to wait and hope for best.

    But yesterday when i saw your message, it brought smile to my face knowing your alright being just busy and i guess occupied with other things in pretty hectic life you have currently(based on what you told me).
    So im not upset. I wish we could talk more often and stay in touch, but i have understanding for your busy schedule and things which come above anything else.
    Im fine with waiting to hear whats going on with you(i have couple of things to share as well, xd). I mean if i waited this long, whats a abit more time to be patient? haha.

    p.s. By the way Pikachu can be such a cutie sometime. Is he holding some sort of cupcake on your profile pic? Can't remember from where this scene is.
    I hope everything is ok. I haven't heard from you in quite awhile Chelsea; actually i started to miss you.

    I guess that new job is eating up too much of your time, more than expected. In that case employer should give you some slack. ;)
    Your welcome, it was my pleasure.

    Thats fine, i have no doubts that you read everything i wrote. But like you said it passed quite awhile about some things we talked about becoming kinda outdated. Losing our train of thought and what we wanted to express through words.
    So i dont mind that you cut down on some things, because from what i saw. Essence and core of what we talked about is kept.
    Beside we need to make room for new stuff and intricancies to discuss hehe. ;)

    Yeah i figured you would say something like that.:p Cant blame you girl, it wasn't pleasant at all.
    That was my only job where i had such crazy shifts, quitting after just one week(conditions were just too awful using workers like slaves that i couldn't physically resist such pace).
    Fortunately enough it didn't took too long to get job with better salary, environment and working hours being under much more reasonable time.

    Take care, within next few days ill give you reply to messages. :D
    Anytime. I use it from my phone so I'll get the message. If I don't reply, I'm either in an acting thing or with my friend Aubrey, but will reply back asap.

    Hehe, its usually like that with every new job. Needing to pass some time to adapt on work environment, tempo and surrounding. Im glad you managed yourself quicly catching strings and understanding basics of what your supposed to expect. Ah dont worry about it, 2 episodes behind is nothing. Well Serena and her pokemon got some development in last one, but aside from that nothing much was going around in pokemon. No some plot twists which would keep you on your toes. :p

    Oh no, you dont need to justify yourself or anything. Only reason i suggested to cut down on longer messages was because i wanted to make things easier for you, out of consderation. Since i know from first hand how much work can exhaust and take alot of your energy not leaving you with much leisure time. Sometime i used to come back home so tired and late, that i would just grab something to eat going afterwards straight to bed. On one job i used to had 24 hours shift without even full day off being expected that i start working next night right away; you can figure out how that went out. Pace and demands weere too high and tiring that i couldn't endure for long having to quit searching for something else(im not against work, but that was pure exploitation of worker with paycheck not being good either). So really, i do understand.;)

    Aww Thank you so much for those kind and positive wishes. Yea that would be great present(although in that department there are no news so far), but this greeting and fact that you remembered is enough for me. Thats what matters the most, so i thank you once again for this.:)
    I'm doing alright :)
    Yeah me too. I can't wait to see which Eevee evolution she gets, though I'm fine with any of them. I think she'll end up with a Sylveon though.
    You got hired? What a wonderful news. Congratulations!
    Oh its totally fine, this is much more important for you than chatting with old curmudgeon like me lol.XD I mean if i could wait until now, i surely can abit longer.

    My long posts are only taking up lot of your time especially with all things you have going on right now, and i feel bad about it. Maybe we should just reset our conversation and start from scratch with no strings attached to previous talks. I dunno.
    Ah I can understand that. Well you have my email, phone, and contacts here, if you need to vent about it.

    I am thank you

    I just thought you didn't love me anymore.

    I've been alright, just been busy with a few acting things.

    Hope to see you soon

    Glad you're AC got fix. Wouldn't have wanted you to be have the pan of being hot.

    I'm sure you work it, girl. :)

    Chelsea's a beautiful name by the way.
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