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  • lol, i was going to say i was outraged. but ska is a great word to make puns with.

    The skabadivers
    Lady Skaska
    Acts of skangress
    the Skalars
    I've been doing fine. (Sorry for the late reply) I just made brownies, and I have math homework. (as always...) My uncle wants me to come up north and visit him so he can take me kayaking, something my mom has forbidden me from doing. >_> *wants to Kayak so badly* It's 100+ degrees down here, and our AC broke upstairs where we all sleep. ._. (Except my brother, who has a nice freezer-like room downstairs.)

    Anyway, what's been going on with you? :>
    Yup, that's her personality in MAS (Mentally Advanced Series) and RDP. She's an alcohol addict, while...

    Twilight is a jerk
    Rarity is a prostitute
    Pinkie is a murderer (Cupcakes?)
    Rainbow Dash is an idiot
    Fluttershy is a wimp who will never stand up for herself.

    Here are the links to the other episodes:

    RDP: Bubbles - E1

    RDP: Cupcakes - E2
    Song: Pinkie is hooked on a feeling

    RDP: Somewhere only we know - E3

    RDP: Spiderses - E4
    Note: This is narrated by Celestia instead of RD

    RDP: Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla (Rainbow Factory)- E5
    Song: Rainbow Fun Factory
    Note: At the beggining when RD is talking about the 'Trixie Variety Show' is actually FiMFlamFilosophy talking about how his videos aren't getting their own post on Equestria Daily.

    RDP: A thank you to the fans
    Note: Stick around for the ending, it's super funny.

    MC AD: Enunciation Emergency
    Note: This is a spin-off song from RDP: Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla sung by Aurora.
    It also has; a conversation with Thrakerzod (RDP Sweetie Belle), Rainbow Dash vs Tentacles in the toilet, Applejack vs Lamp, Luna bursting in through the wall, Pinkie trying to drug Twilight, drunk Applejack, a song (Bones and Skin), Mrs Buzzy (twilight's toy before Smarty pants), filly Twilight's nightmare, a reference to the episode before (Rainbow Dash Presents: Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla (Rainbow Factory)), a monster smarty pants, Fluttershy is finally in an episode and she still gets bullied by everypony (especially Twilight), Spike dressed as dead animal corpses, humor, RD trying to get a glass of... liquids involving a gun, and Pinkie using a Spirit Board.
    You mean which pony gives her a black eye? Applejack because Rarity started a conversation about who has slept with Big Mac.
    Yup, took me a year to figure it out... >_>

    Rarity is still the best. It's all thanks to RDP that RD is out of my bottom 3. No offence to her, but she's such an idiot. But it's part of her charm. While...

    Twilight is a jerk
    Rarity is a prostitute
    Applejack is an alcohol addict
    Pinkie is a murder (Cupcakes alter ego?)
    Fluttershy will never stand up for herself and will always get pushed around by everypony (specifically Twilight)

    These are my Ponymon:

    Pinkie Pie (Finally evolved) - lv 18
    Sweetie Belle - lv 14
    Lyra - lv 13
    Colgate - lv 14
    hey, want a PO battle? I'm on PO server cause 1) my clan has a channel there and 2) smogon doesn't work for me.
    Hmmm... I learned yesterday after a year of having it, my 3DS can take videos...

    Sparkler is my favorite with Surprise 2nd, Posey 3rd, Firefly 4th, Twilight Twinkle 5th, and Applejack 6th because she didn't have an old design.
    And my order of the 'now' ponies is Rarity 1st, Rainbow Dash 2nd, Pinkie Pie 3rd, Fluttershy 4th (Hate incoming), Twilight Sparkle 5th, and Applejack 6th (hate incoming from you because I remember she's your fave).

    NO WAY! WATCH NOW! It's only 2 minutes long (while the actual episode is 21 minutes) so it's not long unless you've got it on repeat like me.
    How do you do YouTube playthrough's? I've been wondering for a while.

    Yeah, some of Sparkler's coat got onto the Mane layers. In a couple of minutes I'm gonna do Posey.

    BTW, this is the best thing ever. Rainbow Dash Presents is one of those series I was talking about and this song is from the latest episode; RDP: Haunting Nightmare. It's my favorite episode so far.
    I don't know. I found out about it a while after it came out. Hopefully 0.3 isn't far off!

    Wow, if 0.3 is coming soon, I'd have a good month already. Because 2 of my favorite Pony series on YouTube have a new episode so if 0.3 comes out soon... yey.


    Yes, before you say, the mane is an absolute sh*t-hole.
    You mean this one?
    I really do wish Flutteryay's team would hurry up.

    Well, I think this one is better than the others because I drew it on paper and scanned it, so I could get more on the shape. Though I just remembered I forgot the shading!

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