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  • Oh, looking forward to your new RSE orchestration then! :D As for me, still writing but for different fandoms haha. Also graduated from university a few years ago and at the moment volunteering and helping family with several things.
    Indeed, haha. Want to mention that since you probably heard about the RSE remakes coming soon, I'm reminded of the two RSE songs you did for Double Team over at YouTube! :D
    Cheshire Cat! I see you're going through a big musical project there. Looking forward to it. :3
    Mm, not so sure about games specifically. I'll probably end up in web design, since that's the field I'm already specialized in.
    Hi. I've been decent. Still running my website, still writing The Quest for the Legends, same old. xP Though now I'm studying computer science at the University of Iceland.
    Pretty much. I was ordering a picture in artists alley and this guy next to me heard the character name and was all "Oh he's awesome! I love his image song!" so we were talking and then holy crap it's Jean.
    Oh ok! I usually just don't friend people that I don't know, so that's why I turned it down. Nothing personal.

    Oh yeah Jean! He's awesome. Did he tell you HOW we met?


    Wow, I can't even find a summer job here and college on top of that? D: But I wish you luck!
    Hey, that's about mine! Minus the multiple video game scores and movie scores (I don't really watch that many movies, or play much besides Pokémon)

    Back to Seattle I say, where is that exactly?
    Yay for cliché conversation subjects xD
    uh... i don't really know actually, it's hard to define my preference, although it's definitely not Rock n' Roll (or stuff like that <__<)

    Something Pop-like perhaps (like 'Umbrella', 'Day n' Nite', 'Don't call me baby,...)
    Lol, I phail at this...

    And for your information the process on the chapter is zero, my motivation and inspiration seems to have drained away. Oh oh, signs of dying thread maybe? I hope not ;__;

    back on the topic, what's your favorite kind of music? I'd like to try it out myself since I tend to listen to whatever has a nice beat (and isn't Rock 'n Roll)
    Ohh, right xP

    ... Where's Seattle? (*sucks at geography)
    Lol at pointless questions, you any interesting subjects to talk about?

    Cool, is it really that hard as a mod?
    Oh, by the way, where exactly do you live (chances are high its a bigger country than mine xP)
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