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  • Oh, you're helping me with this female Dream World. I friend of mine is collecting them, and I was lazy to go to the Dream World, so you made the job for me, thanks !
    The other Skitty will go to another friend. I was talking to you both while hunting so I guess your luck gave me 3 beautiful Skitty and you deserved, you two, one of them.
    Thanks for Corsola, it's appreciated ! :D
    Oh, ahah, no worries. I'm actually training my newly evolved Delcatty, she's just beautiful.
    I'll enter in two minutes, I'll notice you ! :p
    White 2 as well ! Yeah, I'm a very kind person. :p I try to be nice with people, and that's a thing that should be done. That Skitty would have end up in my PC for ever anyway. Better give it to someone who wants it, don't you agree ?
    But now I just defeated Iris few hours ago, I haven't discovered the Poké Transfer yet, so it might take few minutes before I can take the three Skitty from Diamond to White 2. i'll add your freind code in no time. Mine is there : 4170 5358 9814. Nickname me Papousse or Max, it's all up to you ! ;)
    EDIT : Added ! And you ?
    Hm, no problem ! I wasn't going to use it anyway.
    Eh, no thanks for the Pachirisu, though. You know, I have that default to not like to get Pokémon I used in one of my main teams. You see, I will never be looking for a shiny of a Pokémon I already have. I feel like I replace them, got it ? :p Pachirisu was used in my main Diamond team.
    I don't really care of what you're giving me in exchange. A simple Pokémon will do the thing. Even a level 2 Patrat. I hope you have Pokémon Black and White or Black and White 2 because once I can transfer them, they're all going right there. :)
    I would be happy to give it to you for free, if you want. Keep your Pachirisu, too. Pachirisu is awesome.
    I just caught a male Skitty with Normalize. Eheh, I wanted a female with Cute Charm. Guess I'll just continue until I find one ! I'm very careful !
    I know the four corners rule, at least ! :D
    I also think that ...
    x 4 4 4 x 4 4 4 x
    4 3 3 3 x 3 3 3 4
    4 3 2 2 x 2 2 3 4
    4 3 2 1 x 1 2 3 4
    x x x x P x x x x
    4 3 2 1 x 1 2 3 4
    4 3 2 2 x 2 2 3 4
    4 3 3 3 x 3 3 3 4
    x 4 4 4 x 4 4 4 x

    The probability of broking a chain is increased when you step on the grasses that have a direct access from the player (only moving up, right, left or down to get directly to it). Am I right ?
    I'm actually at chain 25 with Skitty, this is hot !
    Yep, I think I know a little bit how to do it, but I'm still not a perfect user of the PokéRadar. I need more practice, I guess. I read entierly a guide to help me, and I saw some good and wrong example of perfect patches, and I know how to visualize the grid, now. Do you know how to use the PokéRadar (pratically) perfectly ? Oh, and I have few questions, just to remind, I forgot something... It is said somewhere that we don,t have to go farther than 7 steps, is it right ?
    Hi ! Thanks for the words on the Shiny thread, I appreciate. I basically tried to use the PokéRadar with Mime Jr., I got to 13 until I stepped on a wrong patch accidently (just at my left), where a Geodude broke my chain. I think I'm gonna try on Skitty (my swarming Pokémon for today). It's a Pokémon I always wanted in its shiny form. I managed to get a Shinx with the chaining method, so I guess I'm not that bad. Yes, it happened to me too, my chain broked for nothing, but I discovered what was the problem. When all your patches are out of sight, it will stop. You have some tips ? I would like to hear them, if you don't mind ! :D
    How about a heart scale? I'll check to see if I have more berries. But for now, one for one.
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