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Last Activity:
Oct 6, 2015
Oct 20, 2013
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Veteran Trainer

Chestank was last seen:
Oct 6, 2015
    1. Pokeman Man
      Pokeman Man
      Your inbox is full.

      I'd like the Carvanha back until this is straightened out.
      Oh, wow. I don't remember specifying for a flawless Carvanha. I don't need any IVs on Carvanha, I just need it female, in a Dive Ball, and with its Hidden Ability. I plan to breed the IVs and egg moves myself. I can give you the flawless Carvanha back in exchange for a Dive Ball HA Female that is imperfect. But I'm not going to breed Machop flawless and female, because it's gender ratio is 75/25 female.
    2. roserade the warrior
      roserade the warrior
      Hey, Hello, I am ready to trade, sorry for this long time for a trade, but I had tons of school projects to do (was in Finals), ATM I am free. And if you havent added my FC, here it is: 0877-1887-3609.
    3. shinyclauncher1234
      Sure,that sounds good
    4. gregjammer
      still need help w/ dusclops?

      If so, I have a haunter that needs evolving as well...

      fc: 4038-6458-7352

      edit: you may be offline, and I may have another trader to help me w/ haunter, but no worries! I'm missing alakazam, so maybe I could still help you for dex... I'll vm you again once I get and evolve an Abra into a kadabra, in case you still want dusclops evolved. thanks!
    5. SiLeNtDeViL609
      Wait nvm i read it wrong
    6. SiLeNtDeViL609
      I can get you a porygon with its HA when pokebank comes out
    7. not589
      I can trade you a masterball! Do you have Charizard Y stone or Focus Sash?
    8. geraldpunk
      What item would you need? Your inbox is full.
    9. Mario D. Solid
      Mario D. Solid
      Thank you for such great Tyrunt :)
    10. James Bondage
      James Bondage
      In-box clear now, and yes, I'm still interested. I'll need time to get you a Dratini ready. Would you prefer Jolly or Adamant?
    11. Ryohei
      I;m ready to trade now. I added you. My fc is in my sig
    12. ★Shiny Sylveon★
      ★Shiny Sylveon★
      I'm ready to trade now chestank
    13. imaGe
      Sorry for the wait but I'm available to trade if you are. (Inbox full!)
    14. SmeargleRocks
      I forgot I already have your friend code registered XD
      I will put the balm Mushrooms on the pokes and go on WiFi
    15. Celestial Moth
      Celestial Moth
      hey i cant see you online, make sure your online >.>
    16. petizh
      Your inbox is full :) Please clear some space so we can continue discussing. Thank you~
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