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Chibi Pika
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  • So Farla over on FF.net decided to tear The Impassive God to pieces. Makes me really appreciate the comments I've gotten on the forums here a lot more haha.
    Chibi Pika
    Chibi Pika
    Haha, yeah, it happens. ^^; I just hope your story doesn't get spammed by the peanut gallery now--FFN has been a bit of a mess lately.
    Thanks. Yeah, I won't go into too much detail about what happened but something that happened at my job hit my mom and I really hard. :/ There was also the results of the Platonic contest that made me pretty much go away and rethink some things about writing. Hopefully I'll be more active this year.

    Also - thank you so much for nominating the vent scene from Balance! That was a lovely surprise to wake up to!
    Hey! I just thought I’d say thanks SO much for the nomination for White Abridged! If I’m really honest I thought everyone had forgot about it, which made me nearly fall out of my bed when I saw it on the nominations page this morning. If you want a minor spoiler I kind of uhh, wrote a chapter for it for the first time in five months and it’s gonna be up once I’ve had it beta’d!
    I've added two chapters to Reverberations of Time since your last review. Any input would be welcome.
    Not a problem. It felt a bit intimidating to tackle at first, but hopefully I'm gonna catch up.
    Thank you! When things clear up I might start writing again, and I really hope that they clear soon.
    Hi. It depends on which one appeals to you more. May's Justice crosses over with ace attorney and other fandoms and Carry On, Blissey has more medical stuff. Though since it's been a while since the review game has been updated, I guess you're free to review any of them.
    I’d like to take this moment to remind everyone else in the thread WHAT THIS SOUNDS LIKE.
    Man, I never heard that before until today. It actually sounds pretty nice... once I turn my headphones volume down until it's close to silent. The first part is really screechy, but the later part is actually unsettling, relaxing and awesome somehow all rolled into one. Thanks for putting this link into the thread - I now know that this exist!
    BUT IN ANY CASE...! Regarding female characters, ikr? That's basically how you're supposed to write them! (Like actual people, I mean.) I feel like it's all part of the gender roles folks grew up with. Like ... you want to do justice to women because of the feminist movement, so you get stuck on the "female" part of your character while trying to figure out how to translate that into what you think would do an entire gender justice. Alternatively, some folks get stuck on what they were taught earlier about women (pink, dresses, girly stuff, etc.) that they think that writing a good character is just a matter of subverting those particular tropes. But it's like ... writing a good female character is just writing a good character. You're just slapping certain pronouns onto it.

    (Granted, sure, there are obviously some things that are different between men and women, but for the most part, those are usually irrelevant to a person's story, yanno?)

    In short, it is totally not just you. D: I mean, I can kinda get the general idea behind why people feel the need to discuss writing developed emphasis-on-the-female characters; I'm just confused about why it's 2017 and there are still people who haven't realized that you can, you know, just write developed characters who happen to be female.

    Also! Re, that first line: GREAT MINDS. 8D
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