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Chibi Pika
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    Also I was amused by the point you made that 90% of female protagonists in Pokefic are the same spunky tomboy and it reminded me why I love writing a weak protagonist whose only redeeming trait is Determination. Or how there’s always a male rival/traveling companion for straight romancing (whyy). Which is also why I’m looking forward to finally reaching the chapter where I sideline all my male characters and reveal that my protagonist trio was always intended to be three girls ever since the prologue. 8)
    First off, YAAAAASSSS to that last line. 8) Trio of girls kicking *** and saving the world ys plz

    Second, I think that's why I like Jade. You don't force her to fill that whole "I am a ~strong~ female protagonist" role. While, sure, you mention she's determined, I always felt like not making her a tomboy also makes her more aware of the world around her. She's not trying to be the focus of attention, and while, yeah, she's trying to save the world, she's not trying to do it singlehandedly. She recognizes that she needs help. She knows she's a bit of a coward, and she's driven by her fear, uncertainty, and curiosity all in one. So she just feels like a deeper character overall, which in turn makes it so much fun to see how she reacts to a plot that keeps trying to single her out. That and she's more of a team player, so it's just interesting to see how the plot interacts with her when she's clearly more of a cog in the machine than a leader—or at least she sees herself as that.

    Or at least that's what I've gotten so far. XD; I admit I've got to sit down and finish your latest chapter. BUT TL;DR, JADE IS INTERESTING. THANK YOU. 8D
    (lol splitting this VM up because Serebii doesn't like wordspewing on walls)

    Thank you! :D

    Man, though, I have Words about gender roles in Pokémon canon. I was about to link you to the massive rant about female character in the Pokémon universe, but it looks like you already liked it. XD But! In any case, yes. I feel like Gen VII took a few steps forward in the representation department since both that post and rant (team boss is a single mother, a preteen girl drives the plot forward, female trial captains outnumber male captains, female kahunas outnumber male kahunas, Plumeria is the Only Sane Man of Team Skull, and three out of four members of the Elite Four are female), but on the other hand, I also have Opinions about how iffy some of those characters/rep points are. Like, Lillie spends a lot of her time as a damsel in distress until her character upgrade in the last quarter of the plot, Lusamine's character can be interpreted as "wife goes crazy from the absence of her husband/exposure to an eldritch abomination," and males still play more roles in the plot than female characters in the long run. (Professor is a dude, two of the three most plot-relevant kahunas are dudes, Guzma is more directly involved with the character as an antagonist than Lusamine, and so forth.) So, uh, I still feel satisfied playing with female roles, ngl. XD
    Haha, thanks! And I should say the same about your latest too. ;D Now I know why you cackle so much on your Tumblr. 8D Worth it, amirite?
    Yo, just saw your link and that's adorable.

    Glad you've been liking the story so far, especially if it motivated you to make a cute little doodle like that. ^^
    Thank you =) It was also entered in the 2015 awards which was the first year I started posting it. I'm so happy you and other people like it. When I first submitted it, I was rather anxious XD
    Thank you so much, Chibi Pika, for nominating The End for the 2016 Awards. I am so moved by this you have no idea! ='D
    Looks fine to me so far! Nice job.

    And yeah, LC is really fun so far. And :D at you wanting to read my stuff; take your time with Fledglings, though, Spiteful Murkrow's a good friend of mine and he put a lot of work into it.

    (Though ask him abot a certain Gabite, Trapinch, Combusken, Grotle, and Scraggy that crop up in his fic if you get the chance.)
    Just letting you now I maaaaay be reading Legendarian Chronicles in honor of its fifteenth anniversary and quite enjoying it. Not sure when I'll have a review up, especially since I'm also trying to get back in the groove of reviewing - it'll probably depend on how much of it I have the energy and attention span to read in each sitting - but I'll have it up eventually.

    Also, I've left you alone on it for a while now, but do you think you could get a push to finalize that commission? I know you were almost done linearting Gil last time I checked at least.
    It's totally fine, I know from working on getting my own art to a more passable level expressions are tricky to nail down. XP

    But he's worth the wait so far, that expression is so him i don't even

    (even if it's slightly Dreamworks-face-y XD Maybe if you moved the other eyebrow up a bit.)
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