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Chibi Pika
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  • So, I figured I might as well explain that thing in my Tumblr drawblog post I tagged you in the other day.

    Welcome, and it certainly was; I clicked a link to one of your posts pretty much at random and was like HOLY CHEESEBALLS YES
    eeeeexactly >:3

    (I have a sillyevil idea to give some tenative lore about Solgaleo some FMA flavor as well)
    Hi ChibiPika! I just wanted to let you know that The End is completely uploaded now! I don't know how long it will be until it's moved to Completed Fics, so if you're still reading and can't find it where it normally is then it might have moved there =D
    Ohmygosh he's turning out loooovely 8D

    Though could you make his smile a bit more toothy and cocky? He looks more confused ATM. XD
    I figure Enkidu would be a bit taller than a normal 'cario, but Gil's similarly tall by human standards, so maybe Gil's's a head/head and a half or so taller?

    And all you need for Gil's expression is a cocky grin and maybe tweaking eyes/eyebrows to accommodate, he looks great otherwise. :p

    (Though to fit his whole "lion-y" theme once you get to his sword make it Sun mascot-ish? :p)
    How are you doing, Chibi Pika, where did you get the nickname from?:)
    Sorry I haven't replied to you or Negrek in the interview thread yet! Pretty occupied. ^_^;
    Okie, whether or not you intend to reply to my last PM (I know you saw it from you following my other Tumblr relevant to your interest as well as the post on it also relevant to your interests) but just remembered you can probably send the PayPal invoice for the shipping on the physical version of that commission we've been finagling by now. XD

    (Especially since I plan on hanging it right next to something very special I'll show you later.)
    Hey, saw your question in the interview thread. The idea is for you to ask a question for the character posted above you, so that'd be Andrew in your case. Omegagoldfish already got all their questions from me, but they can decide to come back and answer yours/anyone else's if they like later, too.
    I'm cis, but I also happen to be bisexual (though can sexualities be non-binary?) and care a lot about LGBT+ rights so I had to. >:p

    Nothing against Pi of course tho, just correcting a minor oversight to be more inclusionary. :p
    Oh, patterns turned out lovely!

    As for the alternating bits... Either way, really.

    EDIT: Scratch that, alternating and/or varied in size teatrdrops might look better so leaning those unless you decide otherwise.
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