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Chibi Pika
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  • he he, cheers ^^ i've... kinda forgotten what to do in this place 0_0

    hmmm, to be honest, i can't remember where i left off on your fan fic... should i just read through the whole thing? lol. maybe... seeing as i've nothing to do today xD uni life = too much free time

    anything new happen during my absence?

    Hey Chibi.

    Well, what can I say, SURPRISE!! long time no see, heh, wowsies.

    So, It seems I had not accessed this site since 11-2-2006 xD wowwww, long time, eh? hahaha.

    It seems that BF's been closed :( i read in your last post that you could get the old posts to be moved to another thread? Have you followed up with that? cause I'll be interested in a new recreation of the ol' BF. Seeing as I'm back on teh serebii's cause I have no idea whys.

    Please reply~ Dx I'm back into the poke-man's for some reason, and is interested in coming back :D

    awaiting your reply~

    WUUT? Your a girl? O_O *chocked*
    Sorry bout that xD

    Hi, we met some time ago on pokemonvalley :F I was rage there (or something)
    I read your comic today, and I say it was awesome :p
    (Sadly it has a lack of phanpy's)
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