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  • Okay, so whle you got the right answer you still didn't press the confirm button...

    Maybe I entered incorrectly, the site I'm using you need to enter the backwards bit yourself, so it's not automated. I dunno.
    DVB just told me that the first letter is 'f' for 'milm' or 'mili'
    So life qeuals film? Life equals film? Not sure that makes sense.
    But according to DVB the code site he used wasn't good so the final product is incorrect :/
    I worked out the code, but I think you're gonna have to post it because the character of Allison isn't smart enough.
    I found some cipher site to do it quickly, and the final product that made sense was 'life qeuals mili'
    I'm not sure what it means but it was the only product of the caeserian cipher that had a real word in it. It was shifted 3 letters, so we know that.
    Hey, you figured it out yet? Its okay, the others will have a chace to figure it out, but they will lose serious psyche points
    One, don't forget to place the info bar on each post. That's this

    Allison Green – Day I
    Vitality Points: 100
    Psyche Points: 100
    Condition: Normal

    Second, you have to update bit more frequently but welcome aboard
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