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  • I don't have what you want in my safari but I really need the grass types in yours so can you please add me? You can find my FC on the second to last page in the 3ds friend code thread :)
    Hi, can tou trade me a Cottonee later today? I just need a modest male one, if possible with speed and sp atk ivs :p

    I can give you a snivy or a modest munna with sync.
    okay thats what pinkpalkia said that they don't show so they are possiblities that they are still ready for musada method still should work...
    Yes. That part is true. 5th Gen pokemon only, don't have one. Gen 1-4 Pokemon have foreign language entries, whereas 5th don't, as for that reason, I do not know. I have several 5th gen pokemon (Petilil, Cottonee, and the 3 5th Gen starters), but when you look at their entries, they will not have a foreign symbol.
    i found out though that someone posted that 5th gen pokemon don't have a option for its foriegn dex?...little confused now...
    okay so then all the my 5th supposely foriegn japanese axew,petlil, and litwick are not really japanese then cause the dex does't give the option to see its japanese version dex....my horsea charmander are though....
    If it a foreign language pokemon; it should have the option of different language in the pokedex entry, identified by a language symbol under the image. If it doesn't have it, then it's not foreign.
    sorry to ask but do you know if a foriegn pokemon that u get from the gts does show its foriegn dex version does that mean that its not a true foriegn pokemon?
    lol, nah. I have terrible luck with hatching~ I'm already at 1.6k Petilil eggs, and no luck. I bet you'll get yours before I get mine.
    Oh sure. It's not a big deal. Just give em a holler when you're ready. Ugh... don't remind me about hatching...
    LOL, maybe you could wait for me, since I must finish my hunt first. I was just wondering, I'm not in a hurry, LOL.

    I have a female japanese one and wanna breed it with a male american one after my shiny vanillite hatches, but it's taking its time to hatch that damn thing ='(
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