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  • Hm. I can help you with that. I'm personally not a fan of true Hyper Offense (that just will not work in the current metagame, too many Pokemon that can easily defeat setup users), but there is a good team you should try. I'll send you a PM.
    Do you want some help with creating a team? I'd be happy to help if you tell me what kind of team you have in mind.
    Ok... from what I saw, the first thing you need to do is learn to use standard sets. If you want to be original, you'd better be original with extremely good sets and Pokemon. The second thing is that you need to look up the accuracy of your moves. Hypnosis is accurate only 60% of the time, while Grasswhistle is only accurate 55% of the time. If something is less than 80% accurate, it is generally not worth using, except for specific moves and circumstances.

    Lastly, you need experience with prediction. Use the team preview to its fullest extent and judge what your opponent is likely to switch in, then make the correct move in either an attack or a switch to a better matchup. That generally comes with experience, but I can still help you with the basics.
    Ok, sure, I'll get on PO (my username on there is VincentChaos or VincentGalian). What teir do you want to battle in, or just a casual battle?
    Oh well you click the private message thing than on the left side it will say "Edit Profile Picture" than you have to just upload the image. :)
    Well, you might never become as good as us but you could try. You need a lot of practice. Ive been graphic designing for 2 whole years now and I'm at this point. So it does take a long time. I suggest you look on youtube for art programs such as gimp, etc. Also look for tutorials. They'll help a lot, although will be tricky at first.
    I feel special.:)
    Well welcome. I hope you enjoy your time here. If you have any questions ask me, I'm sure to answer them even with a simple "idk"
    I remember those days.

    I have work sadly, but luckily i don't have long left until i finish for xmas.
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