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  • So he can cast as many curses as the amount of people around him? And all the stuff listed after All Eyes on You and before Talisman are the list of curses? Okay. If that's right, then Mana's fine now.
    I'm still confused, what's with the eyes on other people and why did the eyes around the gymnast go away when near Mana? And could you explain the power All Eyes on You? What do you mean with the multiplication?
    I live and breathe gothic lolita... all night... every night. *sigh*

    Thanks for the comment, my fellow witch.
    We might need a new character in case one of our current ones doesn't come back or something
    yes but it could work as if you could understand all pokemon and they could understand you. You just would need to concentrate more on understanding other pokemon.
    Thanks! We lost but we had fun.

    Yeah that would be fine, and sure that's fine with me. Maybe just mention that in his history.
    You can only start with your initial guardian Pokemon. Pokemon of other types are permitted, most people have taken it among themselves to forcefully strip down their character and only allow them Pokemon of their own type. I rather like that idea actually, as I never considered it before. That would make for a rather interesting turn and I will totally mention that when the discussion thread goes up. The fairy would be an interesting concept, to make all the children but fairy struggle.

    But yes sorry for not informing you sooner, I must've missed that point in your SU but only your starting guardian is allows on your team at the moment. And no, other Pokemon that you meet are not implied to be guardians just other Pokemon you've befriended.

    //sorry if this seems oddly typed, I'm at a videogams tourney rn and I'm typing everything from a cell phone.
    Oh, I get it. So we'd have trouble understanding the ones with Type Advantage over us, but be able to understand the ones we have a type advantage over?
    And the neutral types would be somewhere in the middle?
    Yep. I really did like that song...To be honest, though, I've never actually played any of the Drakengard Games...I read through The Dark Id's LP's of them. And that one song, combined with that epic fight with Caim (the most bad-arse Homicidal mute ever) was easily the best part of the second game. I just had to mention it at some point.
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