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  • Oh, well apologies if I intruded on anything.

    I'll withhold my next post until you get an opportunity to write yours, unless you'd rather I control your character?
    Where'd you say that? He asked for someone to save him on the discussion thread just a few hours ago.

    I've already posted, but go ahead and have Klaus join in!
    Haha, well, Marina Liteyears rules! ;D

    Well... you'll need to pass this question sheet first:

    1. Does SolatoRobo mean anything to you?

    2. Do you like guinea pigs?

    3. On a scale of 1/10, how awesome do you rate my signature? XD

    Sup? :D
    Sorry, I had to do other stuff last night and it got way too late. I'm also working on the discussion thread, and I have to write two essays before Tuesday of next week. I'm a little stretched right now, and I'll post when I can, most likely tonight.
    Erm, When I say "provided by the site", I refer to the origin site, GPX+. I remember seeing somewhere on there that, while credit was not needed, they appreciate credit on their custom sprites, of which I'm using none. Still unsure about the Klonoa sprite creiditing (I'll either think of something, or change it), But I'm wholly responsible for the Klonoa drawing and Lucario icons...that is, if they even properly come in.
    Alright, I'll keep that in mind. I sourced the Red Image, the trainer card has it's source built in, and the Mega mawile was provided by the site, so....that leaves the Klonoa Sprite. not sure how I'll properly credit that without messing up the sig's natural flow(it's from the Klonoa Wiki), But I'll try.
    i didn't read the light novels too, but i read a little bit of the manga
    i think there's a translated version in the internet
    Well, but i would love to see another with new characters, despite i would miss my little Misaki Mei a lot
    I agree, but it's my favorite anime <3 so i really don't care about the sadness, but i'm so happy that another will have another season! Another 2
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