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  • It's great, and the only thing I would change is making him a little weaker. While he is a chosen one, he is still untrained, so he should have to rely on the trained elementalists a bit more.
    Ah yes, isn't that the famous lolita fashion brand? XD Well whaddaya know. That really does make Aqua the official lolita of the group. Which makes me wonder if Amanda should start dressing in that style as well, to further serve as a foil for her. Who knows...
    I recommend watching Magic Knight Rayearth and Angelic Layer. They are amazing series...especially MKR.

    Ya, CLAMP has amazing art.

    Seriously, I've watched/read 3 series of CLAMP so far, and am trying to find the time to watch the others...

    Also CLAMP likes to make it's fans cry.
    Who? I mean, I gave that speech quirk to him since I made the char and that's at least 2005
    RPG? I haven't done one of those in a while. Years in fact. Jeez, I think the last one I did was Rise if the Spartans back on Bungie. God, I'm old... Anyway... I'd love to be a part of an RPG version of the game.
    Hey, you know, that Magical Girl game of yours could potentially make a good RPG if it doesn't make it through the Game forum. I see potential for it, if you explain some lore behind the seasonal guardians and tie in the Witches' role with what the Magical Guardians are fighting against. Throw in an organised group of demons and wicked witches and voila! Well anyway, it's just an idea, but otherwise I'm glad to be in the game so far!

    (Not to mention there hasn't been a good Magical Girl RPG on these forums in a couple of years.)
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