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  • lol I did to but I got it yesterday. I only have beat the first gym leader so far.lol
    Duuuuuuuuude. I haven't signed on in over a year!!!! I completely forgot about this site haha. Hope all is well man.
    the mighty dragon has disappeared again just when I get wifi again.lol whenever you have wifi just tell me.
    ok its official My least favorite p90x is chest and back,it's so painful and almost made me puke,I just have weak upper body strength,I will be feeling sore tomorrow.I really hate nightmares.
    we have 4 puppies left now.I am to tired to do alot of things these days I really need to start p90x again but I am just to tired these days.My bad dreams left but I started having nightmares,but in every nightmare instead of me getting killed (I get rescued by my friends)my sister gets killed and the nightmares feel so real I wake up upset and crying because I thought it actually happened.some of my friends are abandoning me but my true friends stay by my side.I miss talking to you buddy,I wish you would come on soon but you probaly don't remember who I am anymore.
    Leo we only have 5 puppies left now.I named one:The Enigmatic Diamond but I call her Dia for short.school and some of my friends are tiring me these days.spanish is hard keyboarding is boring,and 2 of my friends are acting strangely.I know adults are busier then teenagers but I hope you get on soon,because I really miss talking to you and you are one of my best friends.
    come on Leo I really need to get advice from you sometimes but you are never on.
    haha sorry about all the messages,I won't be on as much anymore I am falling behind in school,so I'll only be on tuesday,wednesday and saturday till I am finished with school.
    Leooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! the puppies are going to be 4 weeks old tomorrow.I wonder what you are up to.
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