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  • you know Leo this is teaching me how to be more patient.I know you will be back on eventually.until then I will patiently wait.
    did you know we have 9 puppies they turned 3 weeks old yesterday,they are so cute.
    Pokemon i am offering:

    ~Pokemon i want cloned will have (**)

    ~Shiny Pokemon~
    EVENT Shiny Golurk- Brave. **
    EVENT Shiny Hydreigon- Modest. **
    Thundurus- lv.40- timid- flawless UT **
    Darkrai- lv.50- timid- flawless UT **
    Rayquaza- lv.50- timid- flawless UT **
    Latios- lv.35- Modest- flawless- BT/0 evs. **
    Registeel- lv.30 - Sassy- Flawless UT **
    Torchic- lv.1 male- Adamant- Flawless UT **
    Duskull- lv.1 male- Sassy- UT w/ Pain Split **
    Porygon- lv.1- Timid- UT **
    Altaria- lv.49 female- Serious- UT **
    Kyogre- lv.45- Modest. UT
    Articuno- lv.50- Timid. UT
    Zorua- lv.1 female- Modest UT.
    Ponyta- lv.32 female- Quiet UT
    Teddiursa- lv.35 female- Modest UT.
    Gligar- lv.24 male- Jolly UT.
    Abra- lv.20 male- Mild.
    Electabuzz- lv.39- female- Adamant UT
    Dragonair- lv.30 male- Rash.
    Beedrill- lv.10 male- Bashful.
    Delcatty- lv.40 Female- Timid. UT
    Lickylicky- lv.21 Female- Timid.
    Staraptor- lv.35 Female- Hasty.
    Charizard- lv.42 male- Modest.
    Weaville x3- lv.42 x2 male 1x female- Jolly[m], Careful[f], Naughty[m].
    Frosslass- lv.42- Gentle.
    Glalie- lv.42 male- Careful.
    Abomasnow- lv.43 female- Jolly.
    Pikachu- lv.24 female- Brave. UT
    Magnemite- lv.29- Hardy. UT
    Gallade- lv.23- Quiet.
    Sableye- lv.33 female- Quiet. UT
    Raichu- lv.56 Male- Modest.
    Glaceon- lv.39 Male- Modest.
    Leafeon- lv.8 Male- Adamant.
    Vaporeon- lv.12 Male- Modest.
    Jolteon- lv.11 Male- Relaxed.

    TRU- Arceus- Sassy UT
    WIN2011-Celebi- Lonely, Sassy, and Lax all UT.
    PKTOPIA- Magmortar UT and Electivire UT.
    GAMESTP- Jirachi- Modest- lv.6 *because of stupid pokewalker :C*
    Victinix2- In game event- Lonely & Serious both UT.
    Old Sea Chart- Mew- lv.30- Quirky UT. *Japanese*
    WIN2011- Suicune BT, UT. *2 Suicunes*
    WIN2011- Raikou UT.
    Pal City Mew *Jap*- lv.50 UT- Naughty UT.
    Movie09 *Jap* Pichu- *Shiny*- lv.30 male UT- Jolly.
    The last page of the shiny trading thread, 4th or 5th post. I cant post it right now cuz im on a wii :/
    well I'll just tell you anyways.Saturday is my birthday,I'll finally be 17.lol
    oh yeah did I tell you that on the 4th of July I drove on the highway for the first time.I leave for camp on sunday and don't get back till the 16th. So I might be on tomorrow night but after that I don't know when I'll be on again.
    The pokemon im offering is in the shiny trading thread, same page as your post. I cant post post them on your vms cuz im on the wii using the internet.
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