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  • As a result of inactivity between June 12 and the time of this message, your claim on Victini on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
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    haha true. I really can't wait to see how the other supernovas improved in the new world as well, and I can't wait to see the straw hats really go at it against a strong opponent.
    ah I thought it was a dumb question lol.So what are you studying in college?And it is good serebii put all b/w avys up ^_^
    Not bad, bro. Yourself?

    My team is currently: Swanna, Hihidaruma, Jalorda, Waruvile, Muurando, and Gantle, but there's so many that I want to try out still. How's yours looking?
    About the Ash and the Isshu starter thread I didn't see the other starter threads my bad XD
    Why must one like the series to be here? As a Pokemon fandom enthusiast, I believe I have every right to criticize the series in the thread pertaining to the topic.
    I love them. No really! there are a few that I was like "WTF?!" at first, but looking at their names, evo lines, and basis has changed that pretty quickly - not to mention that clearer sprites will make some of them look better. There are so many that I want on my team, I think I'm going to need about 6 copies of the game. Lol

    What are your thoughts?
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